Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From Peace to Frustration

I took a brief break from blogging over the long weekend. I know... "you just started?!?" Yes, I just started this blogging experience, but since having children I don't often get the chance to experience quiet time with my husband of 10 years. This weekend we were entirely grateful to my Mom for giving us that opportunity. She took our 2 boys for 2 whole quiet nights. Well, quiet for us anyway. During this time, my husband and I were able to see 2 movies (that were still in the theatre), have a nice lunch (not fast food), a chance to peruse peacefully in the bookstore, and... we were able to miss our 2 boys! Aaaahhh... what a great weekend! Thanks Mom!

As the weekend was entirely enjoyable, today did not start out with that same sense of calm. Of course, we rushed around the house before school began and then made it just before my oldest son could be considered tardy. When we got home, I assumed the day would settle into that nice happy relaxing place that I had experienced just days ago. Oh how naive... I turned on the computer and then opened the nearby curtains in front of the slider that leads to our small deck. I instantly realized that I should have left them closed! You see, our deck space was newly crowned with a canopy and mosquito net to provide shelter from the sun, light rain, and those pesky blood suckers. Today I planned to full enjoy the new feature while quietly working on a project. Now, here's the importance of the word "light" when speaking of rain. Last night, we had a rain storm. This rain was evidently not light. Need I say more? I'm sure you can guess what happened. Yes, my canopy & netting is currently in a tangled wet mess. The slight tear in my beautiful new shelter was just an added bonus. So I'm currently pouting and blogging about it. It will remain a big tangled wet mess until my husband arrives home to help me set it right. I'd fix it myself, but my frustration & shortness (as in my height not my temper) are holding me back. Hopefully the days events improve... and quickly!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Write What You Know

As I go through the brainstorming process, I keep coming back to one of my favorite authors & book series. You might have heard of it. The story is about this strong minded and imaginative red headed orphan girl named Anne, with an e of course. In L.M. Montgomery's heartwarming stories, she uses a character to express a writing tip. Basically, it's all about writing what you know. In the story, it prompts our beloved "Anne girl" to write about the people and places she knows. I believe the author herself did just that. It's easier to write when you feel it. Of course, it's easier to feel it when you "know" it. We use our experiences along with our imagination to create. It's a beautiful combination. So now I'm mentally reliving some of those not-so-wonderful moments in my life, along with the amazing ones, to enhance my brainstorming. Hopefully it will give me an assist on my own writing endeavors. What tips have you received? What are your tips?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Brave

I've been perusing blogs today. While doing so, I came to one very important conclusion... I need to start being brave! I often get distracted by life's daily activities, and those things become my perfect excuses to put things off till tomorrow. Prime examples of this: "Well, the kids need me, so I'll pick up my pencil and write tomorrow." Then it's, "the laptop needs to be recharged." The excuses can easily pile up. While valid most times, they just aren't good enough anymore! Maybe deep down I'm just a big chicken! Am I just scared to write and somehow not measure up? --For anyone who knows me, no short jokes here please. -- I know I need to focus on my writing and NOT what anyone thinks about it. From this point on, my goal is to exercise my distracted brain and write on a daily basis. Even if it's just a few sentences on this blog! The only way I'm going to move forward is to throw out the excuses, not give up on myself, and not look backward! Today, I'm making that first step and getting brave! Maybe my next goal should be writing my blog description...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good News!

I am but a beginner to the world of blogging! I've been encouraged to finally start one of these fun & exciting public rambling of words by my friend Marybeth. I wanted to start my blogging experience off on the right foot, so I have been waiting for just the right feeling and topic to set me off on my way. After a few happy moments today, I knew where to begin...

It's amazing how you can have a rotten day, week, month, or even a year and it can all change with just a few simple words. One piece of good news can change everything. We've all been there... discouraged, bad day at work, the kids driving you batty, etc and then BAM! You hear something so positive that your sour mood goes away and your outlook brightens. It could be as simple, although it's never really simple, as hearing the words "I love you!" You could be struggling and stressing through exam after exam, only to find out that you got accepted to your dream college/university. Then there are big dreams that seem out of reach for so long, the kind that make you wonder if you'll ever really have a shot at actually putting it on your "accomplishments" list. Then some fine day you hear: "I'm interested in your book," "we'd like to offer you the role," "the house is yours," "you're pregnant," "we'd like to offer you a contract," or whatever it is that is on your It Might Never Happen To Do List and everything seems right with the world. Heck, better than right! You feel like dancing in the shower, shouting from the rooftops, and all you can do is smile from ear to ear! It's all worth it... all the hard work, effort, and even dreaming big when nobody else believes in you!

Today I've felt the good news vibes of others. Feeling the excitement of friends and hearing about their dreams coming true, no matter how big or small, is contagious! A round of smiles for everyone please! Good news anyone?