Monday, February 21, 2011

Terrifical Books and a Movie

Have you ever read a book in the Beezus & Ramona series?  Beverly Cleary captured the bond of sisters, friends, and family in such a way that the stories are timeless.  You are charmed and smiling (and of course laughing), whether you fancy yourself to be more like Beezus, Ramona, or Henry Huggins.  If you aren't a fan already, just trust the generations of Beverly Cleary fans on that fact.

This past Summer I re-read the original Beezus & Ramona book to my sons.  We hold true to a rule in our home that states, "you must read the book before seeing the movie."  After we laughed at the written version of silly Ramona, we scheduled our date to catch the film starring Selena Gomez as Beezus & Joey King as Ramona.  A number of actors and actresses beautifully portray the other heartwarming Cleary characters.  I must say the that theatrical performance was simply terrifical!  Sharing the beloved creations, that began in the 1950's, with my boys was even better than terrifical... it was fantastical!

As a family movie, I haven't seen anything better come along in countless years.  Bringing treasured characters to life, such as Beezus & Ramona, is a tall order, but it was certainly pulled off.  I recommend that everyone take the opportunity to watch it.  The film is available on dvd & blu ray, so pick up a copy or check out your local redbox.  Don't forget to read the books too!  

What did I learn (as a somewhat grown adult -- often mistaken for a teen) from the stories?

#1 If you don't  have an aunt like Aunt Bea, you are missing out!  Lucky for me, I was blessed with a couple of aunts who compare.  Love ya!

#2  Sisters are supposed to grow up at some point and realize they have an instant best friend... if only they take the time to realize & appreciate it.

#3  Families have ups and downs.  It's how we treat each other in the good times and bad times that determine if we'll be the kind of family that we want to claim when the day (or year or experience) is done.

#4  Don't be afraid to color outside of the lines.  Be yourself.  Enjoy who you are, even if it means that you are classified as "different."

#5  If something doesn't go your way, it is acceptable to use one bad word... "GUTS!"

#6  Aunt Bea is lucky have Hobart in the form of Josh Duhamel.  Oh.  Ooops.  I guess that one is my own personal learning experience.  ;)

Are you a Beverly Cleary fan?  Have you read the Ramona series or some of her other great stories?  If you could choose a Cleary character to define yourself, who would he/she be?  Have you seen the latest movie?  What did you think?  Are you inspired to re-read the series or pick up the film?

For the writers:  Do you feel that your stories are worthy of a "timeless tale" genre nod?  Would you rather fit into a best selling trendy mold or hit the "classic favorites" list?