Thursday, March 29, 2012

Affect Someone

Do you ever have moments when you feel as though you just can't win?  You're defeated at every turn and just want to fast forward to bed time.  Then out of nowhere, someone says or does the most priceless thing that makes you smile.  That person, having no idea how much their actions or words mean, can change your entire day.  They may not erase all of the negatives, but instead remind you that it's often not all that important.

I have amazing friends from various states in this country.  We don't get the opportunity to talk on a regular basis and I'm lucky to see some them every few years.  Yet when we do have a conversation or get to visit, we pick up as though we saw each other yesterday.  I have a handful of fantastic local friends that make me laugh and smile whenever I see them too.  To have these people in my life means I'm blessed with truly incredible friendships.

A number of these special people have brightened my day without even knowing that I needed it.  With an email, a letter, a photo, a quick phone call, a post on Facebook, or just stopping in to say hi.  It brings tears to my eyes thinking of moments when I have needed a reminder that I am loved and cared about and my friends were there.  Without having any idea of what happened in my day or what was happening in my life at that time, they gave me a little pick me up.

It's moments like these that help me remember there are much bigger things in life than my bad day.  God is in control and He has blessed me with beautiful relationships and friendships!

Maybe you will be the person who turns someone's day around.  Remember how easily you can affect your friends, co-workers, family, or even a complete stranger.  Kindness matters.