Friday, November 4, 2011

CMOM Productions: Tshirt Pillow

 CMOM Productions:  T-Shirt Pillow

My youngest son's love of The Beatles has already been documented.  While searching for that elusive kid sized tshirt, I came upon some great clearance shirts at Target (previously in the music section).  The only problem was that the t's were only in adult sizes.  I snagged the only men's medium left and knew I'd find something to do with it.

As you can clearly see by the photo, I turned the men's shirt into a pillow case!  It was a simple straight stitch sewing project.

Simple How To:
Turn your t-shirt inside out.

Pin under the band/collar of the shirt opening and continue along in a straight line to mark where you need to stitch.

Close off the arms of the t-shirt by pinning in a straight line up to the point of your previous pins.  You should be able to continue your pins to the seams of the shirt (less sewing).

Straight stitch where you have pinned your shirt.

Measure the bottom of your shirt, double the number and add approximately 1 inch.  Cut a strip of fabric that length.  *The width of this fabric depends on your pillow size and preference.

Roll the edges of your fabric for a clean edge and then stitch it.

Stitch the ends of the fabric together.

Pin the fabric to the bottom of your shirt (remember you want a clean edge on the design side of your t-shirt pillowcase).

Stitch it the pieces together.  Trim any hanging threads & be sure to remove all pins.

*Options:  Add ribbon or rick-rack.

Turn your new pillowcase right side out and place your pillow inside.

My son loves the he can lay down and look at his Beatles design!  If you prefer your design to face a different way, cut it, turn the piece, and add more fabric around the design.

Perfect for a Hard Day's Night!