Monday, January 24, 2011

I Can't Wait To Grow Up...

On Friday, a second grader told me that he couldn't wait to be an adult.  My reply was the typical response of most adults.  "Oh you don't want to grow up too fast.  You'll miss out on so much!  You'll have to get a job and have all kinds of responsibilities.  Enjoy being a kid while you can."  I remember those days myself.  Of course there were many reasons I couldn't wait to grow up and get out of the house.

Dealing with the bittersweetness of my own children growing at warp speed and moving into my 30's in recent years brings forth a lot of thoughts & feelings regarding age.  As kids we can't wait to grow up, but when we become adults, we don't want to grow old.

What is seen in the future that is so shiny and beautiful that we would wish childhood to be rushed?  The mysterious "freedom" that we assume will be acquired when we reach that magical age of 18?  Is it being taller (or in some cases not so much) or maybe the excitement of eventually driving a car?

Why do we fear or avoid growing older?  Is it just the gray hair, wrinkles, and body changes that make us wish we could freeze time?  Could it be the fact that we just feel older as our children grow?  Are we affected by the goals left unaccomplished and worry that we won't ever achieve them?

Take a deep breath.  Look around you and take note of where you have been and where you are in life.  Think of all the people who have affected you and the ones you have affected.  What makes you happy?  What makes you lucky?  Take a look in the mirror.  Do you see those eyes looking back at you?  What have they seen so far in this life?  What have they yet to see?  What happened in your years to give those eyes depth and sparkle?  Smile and appreciate how much you have grown as a person and how much you have yet to grow.   Life is too short to worry about rushing it or slowing it down.  Take the time to enjoy the moment you are in.

Did you wish your childhood would rush by so you could be a grown up?  Do you feel apprehension about growing older?  Do you feel content at where you are in life?

Monday, January 10, 2011

A True Short Story

Today I bring you a true short story.  
I hope it makes you smile and warms your heart, as it did mine the day it occurred.

Once upon a time there were two young brothers.  These smart young grade schoolers were enjoying a day at the Magic Kingdom with their mom and dad.  While strolling through the many shops on Main Street U.S.A., they came along a plastic Mickey Mouse gift card that had seemingly lost it's owner.  Spotting this tiny treasure, worth an undetermined amount of money, these youthful gentleman were instantly animated.  While many other may have pocketed such an item, the lads did nothing of the sort.  Their exclamations were for one purpose only... returning this prize to the person who would most certainly be upset to find it missing.  With nobody in the vicinity visibly searching for what had been misplaced, they turned the gift card in to the nearest WDW cast member.  After a sincere thank you and compliment about being, "such good thoughtful boys," the family was on it's way once more.  As the parents glanced towards each other, they knew without an exchange of words, that they had two amazing young boys to be proud of.  Not once did these children think greedily.   Instead, their actions showed great maturity and honor... especially for the ages of 5 and 7.  May they always carry this kindness and responsibility with them.

Have your children (or any child) ever inspired you?  Have they done something that absolutely knocked your socks off?  Do you have a heart warming story to share on this Monday?

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Usher In 2011

As we usher in each new year, we often make a list of personal (and professional) resolutions.  While many toss these tasks out the window early on (*cough* diet & exercise), some items on the yearly agenda actually do stick.  Last year I made a resolution NOT to make a resolution, simply because I found humor in the irony.  Seriously.  What really is the success rate of those annual new year's resolutions?  Regardless, I'm actually putting forth an effort and making a list of goals to accomplish in 2011.

My 2011 Resolutions

1.  Blogging: Stick with a writing post on Monday & Stampin' Out The Work Week crafty post Fridays.

2.  Stampin' Up:  Enjoy the creativity as always and make a profit in 2011.

3.  Etsy:  Create on Etsy shop for CMOM Productions items!

4.  Write:  Get back to that book I began pouring my heart into.  Complete by 2012!  I have to be realistic with this one.  

5.  Personal:  Take care of myself physically, mentally, & emotionally.  Eat right & exercise, dates with the hubby, quiet reading/writing/crafting time to myself, and whatever else fits in this category.  Embrace the fact that I am human and don't beat myself up if I'm not 100% all the time.

6.  Most important resolution in 2011:  Appreciate, admire, be thankful, dream, smile, take time, love, & live!  Remember all of the beautiful things in life.  Be grateful for friends, family, & loved ones every day.  I will not let the bad days get me down!  Keep moving forward!   Repeat but important:  Embrace the fact that I am human and don't beat myself up if I'm not 100% all the time.  Flair & amazing surprises can sometimes be found in the imperfections.

What are some of your past resolutions that did not survive?  Did you have success with any former resolutions?  How did you pull it off?  What are your resolutions for 2011?