Monday, April 25, 2011

Quote-able Monday

“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.”


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Heart of CMOM Productions

What is CMOM Productions?  Since this blog began, I've been learning the ropes and finding my niche.  My blogging description has always been:

CMOM Productions is all about my thoughts, experiences, and other randomness in my life that are currently in production. From my struggles and triumphs as a wife and mom of 2 boys, to my own personal goals and dreams, and everything frontwards, backwards, sideways, and in between! Welcome to my blog, my name is Melinda Marie.  

While it's not set in stone, Mondays are geared towards writing about experiences in this life.  Do I write for a fan base?  Ummm, no.  Many of my readers are considered friends (such as fellow bloggers)  and family, not fans.  On Monday, CMOM Productions is more of an outlet for my reflective focus.

When Friday rolls around I showcase another side to my personality.  My crafty sense is revealed via Stampin' Out The Work Week.  I'm a Stampin' Up Demonstrator, but I'm more than that (actually Stampin' Up is much more than stamps too).  "I'm a Craft-a-holic" should be stamped on my sleeve.  Don't be surprised if you find out that glitter and acid free adhesive flow through my veins.

CMOM Productions is more than just a blog name to me.  It's my family.  In fact, our initials (in age order) are C M O M.  From our crafting, to our crazy adventures, to our everyday life, our productions are what makes this blog.  My family is the heart of CMOM Productions.

It is with great joy that I share our latest moments...  
On Sunday, August, 17, 2011, my two boys asked Jesus into their hearts!

When another explanation of communion was requested after church, I didn't expect that my boys would understand it all at that moment.  After communicating our remembrance and reflection of Jesus' suffering and acceptance of it and God's gift to us, some of the most precious words were spoken.  My youngest, with the joy shown only by a child, piped up with the words "I want Jesus in my heart forever!"  My oldest son responded with the same, while his eyes showed that he was deeply pondering the sacrifice by Jesus.  His thoughtfulness was not hesitation though, but of understanding.  The reality of what our Savior did for us seemed to sit on his heart.  Knowledge of Easter's miracle quickly followed his statement.  While my boys have heard this story from the time they were babies, the amazement in their expressions is nothing short of heart warming.  After both boys explained their understanding of what being a Christian meant, both said a special prayer.

My heart is filled with such joy and gratefulness.  A mother's prayers for her children are unending.  Yet, God answered two very special prayers of mine that began as soon as I knew I was expecting each child.

"Tonight I'll count my blessings,
I'm thankful for each one.
Then close my eyes and go to sleep,
Until tomorrow comes."
-From "Thank You, God" by Holly Bea

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

Monday, April 11, 2011

Time Warp

 My birthday is one month away.  While many hit a "certain age" and decide that celebrating a higher number isn't their favorite activity in the world, I still look forward to it.  The getting older part isn't exactly anyone's cup of tea, but I'm lucky enough to regain a fairly youthful appearance.  It's even been suggested that I should be involved in the sting operation of a "to catch a predator" type of show.  Regardless,  the approaching annual milestone left me pondering what I would do if I could go back in time and guide my younger self.

Am I the only one to ponder this travel back in time idea?  Absolutely not.  I'm certain there must be a book or movie about this kind of thing.  Back to the Future does show a few alterations in Marty McFly's life after his adventures, but it's not quite the same.  Brad Paisley's country tune Letter To Me certainly has the right feel for my train of thought.

Can you picture it in your own head?  Time warping back to those youthful years and passing along a letter, watching a familiar teen from a distance, or having a face to face conversation with your you of yesteryear?  Are you reflecting with a smile or a little sadness?  What would you say?  Would you do anything at all?  Would you want to change the person you have become today?  

While there are "things" I would be grateful to change about my younger years, I realize just how those ups, downs, highs, & lows have molded me into... me.  I kind of like who I am today, flaws and all.  I have two amazing children and a husband I wouldn't trade.  Life isn't mean to be perfect and even if you alter the past, it doesn't automatically ensure "perfection."  Different maybe, but perfection?  Nope.

I've learned a great many things in my almost 32 years, but I certainly do not know it all.  Hopefully my growth will continue for a great many more years.  Experiencing life is worth celebrating.  Each and every year is precious.  When I'm a feisty little old lady in my 60's,  I wonder if I will look back, smile, and ponder the same...

Would you go back in time?  Write a letter to your teenage self?  
What would you say?  
Can you think of any great books or movies that follow these theme?

Enjoy Monday with a little Brad Paisley....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Could Be Better. Could Be Worse.

"Could be better. Could be worse, though, too." 
- Noah Calhoun, The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

A quote from one of Nicholas Sparks' most loved characters has been on my mind for months.  I've been doing my best to look on the bright side and see the glass half full through all of the bumps in the road.  Occasionally the glass gets jostled and the clouds cover some of that sunshine, but all in all I put my focus on the positive.  

You see, we've dealt with one sickness after the next in our house for the entire winter season.  Now that Spring has sprung, or so says the calendar even if mother nature isn't in complete agreement yet, we are still battling fevers, sinus issues, and random other unhealthy symptoms.  My physical exhaustion may or may not be noticeable at this time.  I won't lie, it's been rough and it feels never ending.  This is where Noah Calhoun comes in.

Our family good health rating could most definitely be better.  How very true that is.  However, it could be much worse.  Nobody likes to "let it work it's way out of your system" when sick, but it's generally easier than taking prescriptions and medicines non stop.  We aren't in the hospital.  Thank you Heavenly Father for that.  We aren't facing a life threatening illness.  Immense thank you's to God on this one as well.  Currently we are on Spring Break from school, so my oldest son can rest without worrying that he's missing something important in the classroom this week.   Amen!

I can honestly say that I'd rather be healthy than sick.  Yes.  It could be better.  Could be worse, though, too.   Count your blessings through the good times and bad... positive lesson learned.  We are blessed even when we aren't feeling our best.  Although, that doesn't mean I will give up our continued prayers for good health throughout the rest of the year.  

Put it in perspective, stay positive, & have faith.

Where in your life do you need to put things in perspective, lean towards the positive, & keep the faith?