Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Great Hair Debate

Saturday brings another haircut appointment.  Our favorite active stylist doesn't work in our area, so every couple of months we make a family event out of it.  It is worth the drive to know that you are going to come out of the salon feeling great about your hair.  Not too mention, we love supporting our friends.

The decision on what style to choose is an easy one for my 3 guys.  The men in my life (my boys are my "little men") generally stick with the same cut.  As for me, it usually turns into a debate.  Do I touch up the same style, choose something different, or just get a trim and let my hair grow out again?  Indecision is one of my middle names. 

A year ago, I chopped my hair off into a short bob.  Around 5 months later, after I had let my hair grow out a lot, I changed my look yet again.  I wanted something bolder and decided to just go for it.  My stylist, and friend, didn't want me to go into shock with a drastic change, so she toned down the original idea a little bit.  When I came back in the next time, she took the cut closer to the style I had picked out.  I've stuck with the same style for 4 haircuts.  Miss E, or should I call her Mrs. now that she is married, always does an amazing job!

Now, I'm debating on another change.  My hair is still pretty short, so I'm considering having Miss E trim & shape it so it can grow out again.  One of my other options is going really short, but I can't quite find a different style that I love.  I need to keep the style easy, as I'm not gifted in the art of hair, but having a bit of obvious spunk as well.  When I throw the question about possible highlights, I'm still stuck in the great hair debate.

Do you struggle with a decision when it comes to your hair style?  Do you generally stick with the same look?  Is it short, long, straight, curly, layered, bangs, or no bangs?

For the fans of the music suggestions yesterday, here are a couple of new songs for you today:
Hair (from the musical), Mr. H, and any song from Hairspray!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet Me On Monday: I Heart Boots

Meet Me On Monday:

This Monday, and random Mondays here after, my blog will reveal something about me.
All Meet Me On Monday blogs will be clearly labeled.

Warning:  Following this statement you may begin to feel the need to sing These Boots Are Made For Walking or Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under or other footwear related songs.

I love boots!  No, I'm not talking about the monkey from Dora.  I'm a fan of boots, the footwear.  As much as I would love to claim that I own an abundance of boots, sadly it is not true.  While perusing weekly ads, browsing in the stores, or watching tv, you can often catch me looking longingly at a knee high pair of foot coverage.  It's one of my forms of kryptonite, my weakness.

I'm not certain where it all began, but the photo above showcases one of my first pairs of non-winter boots.  What's not to love about a little blonde girl in an oversized yellow "Cute" kitten shirt with infamous cowboy, or should I say cowgirl, boots adorning her feet?  I still have a passion for a good pair of country western inspired footwear.  Maybe it's partly due to the Southern roots I get from my Mom's side of the family, either way I would wear them to do a boot scootin' boogie or just to add a bit of spunk to my day.  The excuse I used to purchase the pair I currently own, was that I needed them for a Halloween costume.

My favorite pair of foot enhancements is the beautiful black pair that I purchased from Target (see above).  The only problem is that my tiny feet and my muscular calves don't always agree on this pair, but a little extra squeeze is fine with me.  I really like the way I feel when I add a little height & sleekness to my legs. 

Above, you will find the remaining pairs of my boot collection.  Two were purchased for costumes, but only one of those pairs has been worn on a regular basis.  The bright shiny & red vinyl platforms are seen only when Supergirl is needed.  My white suede boots were perfect for Halloween costumes past, but have been seen multiple other times as well.  I purchased my very warm brown & tan suede pair as well as my shiny black winter boots on clearance at Kohls.  Both keep my feet very warm, but while the suede ones are perfect for Fall, the black pair keep my feet very dry in the Winter snow.

While out school shopping for O in late August, I spotted these beautiful boots that reminded me of a very, very tall Converse shoe.  My husband and son humored me as I tried them on, however they would not allow me to add them to my collection.  Apparently, 30 year old moms aren't allowed to wear this style, but they certainly were a lot of fun!  If only I needed them for a costume, they'd be mine! 

I still feel as though there are not enough boots in my wardrobe, but until I win the lottery I'll have to keep my boot addiction in check.  I heart boots!

Is there a pair of fabulous footwear in your closet?  What is your favorite pair of footwear? Do you favor a comfy pair of sneakers, sandals, or pumps? 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Think Of The Happiest Things...

For some reason, it's easy to think of the negative things in our lives and we often struggle to see the good.  I think we all do this from time to time.  We feel burdened by these thoughts, big or small, and sometimes let them affect our day.  Life is not easy, simple, or perfect. We are meant to have challenges to help us grow and learn, if we choose to do so. It's important to remember these things as we begin to get overwhelmed.

This morning I woke up and I said a little prayer, asking God to help me think positive thoughts today.  At that moment, as I handed my worries over to Him, I felt a release.  My patience seemed to grow and the stress of the morning rush melted away. 

In the spirit of thinking happy thoughts, I would like to share a few of my blessings...

1.  My husband is my prince and the love of my life.  In him, my boys have a wonderful dad.  I'm grateful that my boys can see a marriage, while not perfect by any means, that is full of love and respect.  If you listen to Christina Aguilera's song The Right Man, it speaks volumes about how I feel on this topic.

2.  M & O bring me an endless amount of joy, laughter, & smiles!  To me, there is nothing more uplifting than a smile, kiss, hug, or "I love you" from one of my boys.  Another part of my heart was unlocked when these two came into my life.

3.  While growing up was no picnic, I am grateful I had an incredible mom.  When I see her interact with my boys today, I feel so blessed that they have the best Grandma in the world.  As a mother-in-law, she's very accepting, loving, and kind.  In fact, my husband loves her almost as much as I do.  We are very lucky to have her in our lives.

4.  I have great friends!  Over the years, I've been very blessed to meet and become friends with some wonderful people.  While we don't always agree on politics, clothes, cars, or other random things, I find such a great level of respect for my friends.  I have friends in various states and miss those who live far away a great deal.  To those special people I would like to add...  Thank you for always being there, even when you aren't here!

5.  Many members of my husband's extended family welcomed me without hesitation, at least none that they showed. *wink*  Although we live far away now, I was able to spend 6 years in Maine getting to know them.  For me, seeing 6 brothers and their families getting together, because they actually like each other, is truly a blessing!  Honestly, as much as I tease them, I am proud to be a member of the family. 

I only listed 5, but there are countless blessings in my life.  What are some of your blessings?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disney Dreaming

I fully intended to have my blog typed up last night and scheduled to post at 7am today, but it didn't quite work out that way.  Plans around here can get altered due to my children's moods, a forgetful mind, various unexpected things and happenings, or simply by running out of time.  When we have to "fall back and punt" in this world, for whatever reason, our days and plans change.  In some cases, it is a blessing and at other times it's a disaster!  Today, I am leaning towards the first one. 

Our morning was hectic at first, and then just plain busy.  This afternoon was slightly more relaxed.  Now we are into early evening and I'm finally getting a chance to get my blogging done.

Lately, my brain has been hovering in the Disney World zone.  I have been reminiscing about past trips and dreaming about future trips.  My husband and I were lucky enough to visit Disney for Thanksgiving, and the following week, in 2000.  Going to bed one night and waking up to magical Christmas decor the following morning was amazing.  I am anxious to share this exciting atmosphere with my boys.  Watching their reaction to it all will certainly bring tears to my eyes.  Thinking about all of this has lead me to begin planning our November/December 2010 trip, which will be an early Christmas gift to our boys (okay, and to ourselves).  Can you tell how excited I am already? 

In the midst of our chaotic morning, my boys were being typical boys while playing loudly.  I wanted to find a way to have them wind down before we took O to school.  When I offered to play some music for them, they happily accepted the offer.  What was their choice in the vast collection of music that we own?  Surprisingly, they quickly agreed on their selection.  As Walt Disney World's "Four Parks One World" cd began to play, my overactive children laid on their stomachs in front of the speakers and the room went quiet.  I quickly grabbed 2 copies (from past years) of Birnbaum's Walt Disney World For Kids books and handed them to my silent boys.  Seconds later, they were soaking up the music and doing their own Disney dreaming.  Between the peaceful moment and sweet sight of them enjoying such a special part of our lives, I realized it was a moment worthy of a photograph!  In the midst of our crazy morning, I found such a smile worthy moment that it calmed me almost instantly.  There is something so special to me about this simple joy that I know I will cherish this memory for a long time, especially when my kids are being rowdy and wild.

Today didn't turn out as I expected, but I appreciate the blessings that the unexpected brought me... today anyway! 

Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet Me On Monday: Mini Mindy Monday Madness Round 2

Meet Me On Monday:

This Monday, and random Mondays here after, my blog will reveal something about me.
All Meet Me On Monday blogs will be clearly labeled.

Warning: Mini Mindy Monday Madness will ensue further into this posting! Please proceed with caution and be careful not to step on the pixies!
Welcome to Mini Mindy Monday Madness, Round 2.  I previously took my typical "Meet Me On Monday" topic to a new level in round 1 of Mini Mindy Monday Madness (aka M4). On M4 days, I give 5 random facts and/or photos that showcase a little bit of who I am. I will pick up where I left off with #6 on the list.  Enjoy!

6.  My favorite color is green, emerald green to be exact.  Now, because of this fact, you would think that I would be a big fan of The Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.  As beautiful as the place sounds, I'm really not into the witches and flying monkeys that go along with the Oz adventure.  I do however, love the gemstone.  Unfortunately, as much as I love it, I do not own an authentic sparkling green beauty.  What's another reason to love green?  Well, Tinker fairies wear the color...  including Tinkerbell!

7.  I know it's hard to tell, but I love Disney!  I can see the shock written across your face.  I swear it's true!  I'm a huge hard core 24/7/365 Disney fan.  What do I love best about it?  Well, from Disney movies, to characters, to Disney World, to games, etc (as the list goes on & on), the biggest thing I love about Disney is how excited I feel about it.  Aside from the obvious fact that I met my husband face to face in Disney World, it's always been a special place to me.  I have been a Disney fan since I was a kid, a baby actually.  My Mom made me a baby blanket and Tigger bounces all over the bottom piece of fabric.  While expressing my love for all things Disney, I might as well tell you my secret wish has always been to be the singing voice of a character with as much spirit as Ariel!  If Tinkerbell ever sings in an upcoming movie, someone please give the casting director my phone number!

8.  I am the paparazzi... to my boys that is.  As a scrapbooker, I'm constantly snapping photographs.  I have this desire to capture all of the special moments and memories that I can.  Sometimes my kids love it, sometimes they hate it.  Either way, they usually know it's coming...  and when they don't, it's even better!

9.  My type A personality, leaves me constantly going.  It's a very rare thing to see me sitting idle on the couch.  Relaxing is not something I do well.  Actually, it usually leaves me feeling a bit tense when I have nothing to do or am bored.

10.  On Halloween, you will find me dressed up along with my kids.  This tradition started when my oldest son was an infant and hasn't stopped yet.  When I was a child, my father referred to Halloween as "the devil's holiday," so aside from the school's costume parade, I wasn't allowed to dress up or go trick-or-treating.  Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much as an adult.  When Halloween 2009 rolls around, I shall post an ode to costumes past for everyone to enjoy. 
Are there any special topics you'd like me to post about for the round 3 of Mini Mindy Monday Madness?  Is there anything new you would like to know about me?

Friday, September 18, 2009


Last Friday I had the urge to dive into the past and started singing ABC's TGIF theme song.  I felt as though I should share this smile evoking moment with you this Friday, as I continue my attempt at turning my life into a musical.  Plus, it is a great way to celebrate the end of another work and school week! 

This past week has been full of moments, each one of them unique.  We've all had different reactions to various events that have played out in the spotlight, and of course the ones in our own lives as well. 

Many of you have seen, read, or heard about the MTV award moment.  I never planned to watch the show, but there we were, in our living room, watching it.  As a fan of Taylor Swift, and the "underdog" in situations, I was so excited to see a country girl rock MTV and win an award.  When I saw such disrespect shown to such a sweet girl, I felt my mother instinct kick in.  Quickly afterwards, I switched gears and hoped she would just "sweep the leg" and take the microphone back.  A very talented Taylor Swift had more composure than I most likely would have. 

Patrick Swayze...  Who didn't love Patrick Swayze?  If you didn't, please don't tell me, I prefer to remain ignorant to your lack of love.  That man was strong in ways that most people cannot fathom!  Cancer is evil, but he fought it.  It's sad to lose someone like Patrick Swayze.  In my personal life, I've seen cancer at it's worst.  I've seen a loved one suffer and it's heartbreaking.  Even employers feel that sadness.  My husband's office was closed for a day this week to mourn the loss of an employee.  Even though my husband did not have the opportunity to know his co-worker well, it hit us.  Knowing a child will grow up without a parent, leaves me with a dull ache in my chest.  Cancer is evil.

Through these moments, I've not only found myself emotionally charged, but inspired as well.  Taylor Swift inspired me by having the strength to perform minutes after being figuratively sucker punched in the gut.  The support she received by countless friends, family, fans, & fellow artists also gave me hope that people don't always look for a good laugh at someone else's expense.  The sad loss of Patrick Swayze & my husband's co-worker, made me stop and focus on living life to the fullest.  We don't know what will happen tomorrow, or even today, so it's important to cherish the people in our lives and do the things we love.  “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

I read a bumper sticker this week that sums up how I feel right about now. 
"Want to get rich quick?  Start counting your blessings!"
I just love a little wisdom from the back of a dusty car bumper!

How did you feel about the happenings over the past week?  Were there any public and/or personal moments that made you stop and put things into perspective? 

Thank you for the dance!
In the spirit of TGIF... We'll see ya next week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Work, Work, Work It Out

A few days ago, I took on a new sense of activity in my life,  Wii Active.  I used to exercise on a more regular basis with a Play Station 2 "game" called Kinetic.  It was used with the eye toy, which is basically a webcam, and had workouts that were fun.  When we decided to move up from the PS2, I wanted something that would compare to Kinetic.  We purchased a Wii Fit and it was nice, but didn't present the same feel or challenge that I previously had.  The drive to continue working out on a regular basis faded with the excitement I had towards a not-what-I-expected exercise program.

When I heard that Wii Active would be coming out, I was curious to see if it would be more in tune with what I wanted.  Doubts filled my mind and I put off purchasing one until I had heard plenty of reviews.  Finally I had seen enough to know that this program had more potential.  What sold me, you ask?  Endless positive reviews, but one in particular.  "Wii Active is what Wii Fit should have been!" 

Just over a week ago, Wii Active was on sale for $20 less than the regular price.  My husband took M to the store, while O & I had time together at home, and came home with one for me.  I was anxious to get started, but the first chance I had was not until this past Sunday.  After the initial setup, which was not difficult, I chose the 30 Day Challenge feature, along with an intensity level, and begun my first Active workout.  Each new workout was preceded by a video example of what you needed to do.  Regardless of the time these videos took, it moved along fairly well.  Before I had completed the entire first day of workouts, it was obvious I'd be heading to the shower afterwards.  What a workout! Day 2 did not disappoint me either.  Needless to say, I'm impressed!

I'm feeling more motivated to workout and keep it up.  Being healthy is important, and exercise is a part of that.  It should never consume your life, but it is important.  The only thing left to say is...  Goodbye Kinetic, hello Wii Active! 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Meet Me On Monday: Greetings From The Public Library

Today is not my normal Meet Me On Monday blog.  Why?  Because I'm at my local public library, having grabbed my partially charged laptop before walking out the door, as my youngest son enjoys a fabulous first story time of the Fall season!  My day is sure to be busy and I wanted to take this time to post a quick blog.  Of course, this really is the real Mindy.  A busy Mom & public library addict!  I will even be back here later this evening for the first scrapbooking group of the Fall season.

M and I have been out since early this morning, when we dropped his brother off at school, and only made a brief stop home to drop off the eggs we purchased.  When we get home from story time today, we'll be making lunch, prepping for my scrapbook event this evening, and working out with Wii Active for the 2nd time.  Before I know it, it'll be time to head to school and pick up my oldest son. 

Have your days gotten busier with the start of school and oncoming Fall season?

Back to the public library, I wanted to bring this to the attention of Michigan residents:
Save Michigan Libraries
Michigan Libraries For The Future
Take the time to check these out please!

*I promise to post better blogs Wednesday & Friday!  Have a great week!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Van Gogh Draws Me In

Laying in bed longer than normal just resting and being lazy doesn't happen very often in my home.  A rare moment like this happened less than a week ago, when Grampa & Pamm took my boys out for breakfast.  In this unusually quiet and peaceful time, my eyes focused on the painting, okay a poster reproduction, that hangs on our wall.  "The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night," by Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite among the 3  beautiful paintings in  the "Starry Night" series by this amazing artist.   

As I gazed upon the details, I absorbed the colors while my body relaxed and my mind settled.  Then I began to have deeper thoughts of the painting and it's artist.  What was it that drew Van Gogh to paint?  Was it fame or money?  Did he look for recognition?  What about the many other artists of that time?  I highly doubt it.  I can't imagine Van Gogh painting while thoughts of monetary value flashed before his eyes.  Can you?  My heart and mind tell me that art was a part of him.  I believe that his unexplainable desire to paint, fueled this talented man and many others.

Sometimes I feel as though music and writing are such a strong part of me that I could not shut them off if I wanted to.  Even when I find myself frustrated and I shove it aside for a time, it is a boomerang that comes flying back to me without fail. 

What fuels you?  Is it about that potential paycheck?  Do you paint, write, sing, or dream with your mind, heart, & soul?  Is it all about the passion and love for your craft?

A Bloggers Soundtrack: 
Various Artists have recorded and performed this song.  Just to name a few;  Josh Groban, Julie Andrews, & Garth Brooks.
Remembering those we lost on 9/11, the heartache we all felt, and the feeling of patriotic support from family, friends, & complete strangers.  God bless us and may we never forget.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I Did On My Blog Vacation

I admit I'm having a tough time getting back into the swing of things today!  Maybe it's due to the 1 1/2 weeks I was on my blog vacation or the fact that it's the end of Summer as we know it in our household.  School has started back up and my youngest, M, and I are missing O.  I guess this sense of bitter sweetness tends to put me out of my element.

I'm sure you are brimming with curiosity as to what I have been doing the entire time I've been away, so here is my Summer essay, I mean my Blog Vacation  recap.

Since I last left you, I have spent little time on the computer.  Why you ask?  Partly because our Internet access went down for days, but mostly because I simply had a plan.  My kids and I would squeeze the last drops of fun out of every single day, before my son's Summer vacation was over, and have even more memories to cherish for a lifetime.  I assumed that time would cooperate with me and slow down just enough so that the first day of school wouldn't come quite so quickly.  Of course, we all know that time likes to frustrate just about everybody and it refused to comply.  Regardless, the rest of the plan went fairly well.

On the final Friday evening of August 2009,  I went out with my friend Mary Beth (check out her blog) and got a couple of hours with other adults.  My family enjoyed some cleaning, okay they didn't really enjoy that part, and a baseball game over the weekend before the final week of Summer officially began.  Once it did, we practiced getting up early and going through our typical morning school routine.  We held our final lunch box experiments during the week to determine the best way to keep juice cold while keeping water hot for oatmeal.  Library books were read, movies watched, and games played.  A school open house was held mid week, and we attended to meet the new teacher and explore the new school.  My stomach had been in nervous knots about the big changes not only my to son's day, but mine as well.  For me, meeting the teacher and introducing myself to some of the staff members helped to loosen those knots.  It helped even more when the music teacher, who my son had last year, stopped us and told us that she's excited to have O back this year.  What an amazing feeling it is to have a teacher tell you that your child is one that makes teachers want to teach and enjoy their jobs!  Before I knew it, Friday had arrived... I swear time decided to push the fast forward button on me... and it was my last "normal" day with my boys.  I sighed heavily when I realized this fact upon waking and looked at my boys sleeping in my big bed, they came into our room in the wee morning hours.  I decided to let them sleep in a little, while I snuggled with them and admired their sweet little faces.  Our final normal week day included a trip out for lunch and a crafty sock puppet project.  Can you stand the excitement?  I know, it's just too much. 

Our final weekend of the Summer vacation did have more excitement to it.  Calming our 2 boys on Saturday morning was a bit more difficult than normal.  They were ready to battle over the best spot in front of the window by the door while waiting for visitors from Maine.... Grampa & Pamm!  I was able to briefly distract them with their first entry in the scrapbooking journal they are keeping this year.  My husband and I asked them to clean their rooms multiple times, and kept having them check to be certain they didn't miss anything.  We offered tv, games, and playtime often, but the only thing they wanted to do was watch out the window.  My adored father-in-law and his much loved significant other, were not going to arrive until the afternoon, but it didn't matter to my boys.  They were bubbling with excitement and nobody was going to reposition their train of thought. 

Finally, the knock on the door came and footsteps were heard running in that direction.  It didn't take long before my boys were literally climbing all over their Grampa!  After convincing the boys to let Grampa & Pamm get settled, we all prepared to head out to meet up with my Mom and celebrate her birthday at a loved local pizza place.  By the time we got home that night, everyone was more than tired.  The following day was full of family fun and dinner out.  Unfortunately, the visit was much too short and bed time came far too quickly.  Monday morning was spent missing Grampa & Pamm and wishing Maine & Michigan weren't so far apart.  We are already counting down the days until we get to see Grampa again for Christmas!

Labor day was all about having a little fun and being prepared for the first day of school.  It was a nice quiet day to just be with my family and reflect on all of the moments we've shared over this past Summer.  That's where Summer ended and a new school year began.  Where the bitter sweetness of seeing my kids grow up just a little more brought tears to my eyes.  This is where my blog vacation story ends.