Monday, November 8, 2010

The Saga of a Short Girl's Search for Jeans

My heart is in my stomach.  While my stomach has dropped to my knees.  Prep work, mostly consisting of online searches, has been completed.  Now it's time for the pep talk... if I can find any pep at all.  Mentally, I'm already convinced it'll become another epic fail in the search for a fabulous pair of jeans.  Sigh!  Here I go...

As I pull up to the first store on my list, I debate on even going in for another attempt at denim comfort.  Should I give up before I even begin today?  My eyes roam to the neighboring stores and linger at a nearby craft haven and even an office supply store.  I'd much rather be going in search of a cute little notebook.

Be prepared, I'm about to share a deep dark secret that many women would never speak of.  I HATE shopping for clothes!  Yes, you read that right.  Don't mistake clothes with boots however.  Boots I can mostly certainly count on for a smile and contented sigh.  As for pants of any kind, I give up!  Maybe it's the fact that it's so difficult for me to find a pair that doesn't accent my butt crack and post pregnancy stomach stretch marks.  I'm tiny, but I'm not a teenager!

How many people can simply point, click, and pay for an online clothing item without a thought that it might not fit?  Sure, there are some.  For me it's nearly impossible.  Especially when it comes to a good pair of pants.  Most extraordinary petite people can't walk into a store, pull jeans from a shelf, and have an instant favorite piece to their ensemble.  We must try it on.  It's the way our world works.  With this fact staring me in the face, I find it unbearably frustrating to find most stores choose to sell their "short" or "petite" items online only.  For those stores that actually do carry short and petite styles, please stop putting the smallest sizes on the top shelves!  Give this short girl a break!

Shelf after shelf, rack after rack, failure after failure.  I search through petite, women, and junior sections in a desperate hope of finding one brand's style of jeans that was made for little ole' me.  Snagging the solo pair found that seems like it may be a reasonable fit, I head to the dressing room.  Quickly trying the pair on, and even more rapidly deciding they are not mean to for me, I change back into my current favorite pair.  I look sadly at the comfortable denim that has begun the ventilation process and wish the brand continued to produce the same style and fit that I have worn out over the years.  Then I hold my head high, okay slightly drooping, and determine that today will yet again be another epic fail in the saga of this short girl's search for jeans.

Next stop (for another day- one can only take so much torture):  A petite store with potential... and a larger price tag than I'm used to.

Keeping up is not my forte lately.  While the items on my to do list are piling up, I continue to have a hard time following & commenting on blogs.  Contact with my message board mom friends is sporadic at best.  I'm fearful it will only get worse as the holidays continue their approach.  Alas, I do my best.
Apologies to those I haven't been keeping up with.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Speak Now... Mean

Yesterday I neglected to post my blog.  *GASP*  In an effort to juggle an extra ball or 2, I simply forgot.  I promise to keep today's post short & sweet, to the best of my ability.  Just know that the tastiest morsel is not at the beginning, it's at the end.  

I think it's clear that my household is full of Taylor Swift fans.  My youngest son blushes when you mention her name, song, or any Taylor Swift related topic.  Is it any surprise that we rushed to get the Target exclusive version of her latest cd, Speak Now, on it's release day?  Of course it's not.    

One of the extra features from Target's special cd includes the music video "Mine,"  as well as behind the scenes and on the set of the shoot.  Beautiful picturesque Kennebunkport, Maine is the backdrop for this fabulous musical vision.  What's not to love about that?  Nothing.  Especially since we have family members who were actually working nearby while filming was taking place.  

Now, I should get to the short & sweet part of today's post rather than fill you up with endless facts about this amazing new album by Miss Swift.  However, I must add that it's full of FABULOUS music.  She never ceases to impress me with her lyrics and musical talents.

As I listened to Taylor's 6th musical selection, "Mean," I heard something more to the lyrics than she implies.  Imagine yourself as a child growing up in an abusive home and hearing the words of this song...

"Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me, and all you're ever gonna be is mean, why ya gotta be so mean...  I bet you got pushed around, somebody made you cold, but the cycle ends right now, cause you can't lead me down that road..."  

Now picture yourself as that same child now grown into an adult...  Can you feel the emotion and power in those words?  I most certainly can.  

If you hear me singing this song at the top of my lungs on various occasions and notice a little extra heart to it or see a little extra depth in my eyes, you'll know where my mind is.  Gratitude pours from my heart to know that I have a husband who loves and protects me.  As a father, he's incredible.  I've seen the flip side of the coin and I will tell you every day just how very lucky I am.  The chain can be broken.  That's why I choose to speak...  or as Taylor Swift's latest album says... speak now.

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