Friday, December 11, 2009

Okay, I Lied

Yes, it's Friday and you should be viewing the full blog about Santa dearest, but obviously you are not.  I've had a few setbacks that have caused a delay and will be postponing the stories about my Santa object until Monday.  If you haven't yet sent me your thoughts, stories, or comments regarding your reaction to this object, you still have time. 

I know you are curious about the setbacks, so without further ado here they are.  Monday & Tuesday were full of school activities.  Our home computer malfunctioned on Wednesday, due to a sneaky virus that got past McAfee, and my husband had to go into repair mode.  As I was using the sewing/embroidery machine that same day, it decided that it wasn't really into the Christmas gifts I was working on.  Due to our disagreement, it will be visiting the sewing shop for repairs ASAP.  Of course Old Man Winter decided to bring on the blizzard like weather of West Michigan, which resulted in 2 snow days and keeping 2 active boys busy indoors.  What fun it is to be called away from your own projects every 5 minutes with an, "I finished it Mom!"  In conclusion, technology, my kids, & the joys of snowfall have me beat this week!


  1. Bummer for your sewing projects. So want to see them done! :O)

  2. Ah, getting worn out can happen easily this time of year! Hope you have more energy next week!

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