Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Insult to Injury

Bullying is a hot topic in today's society.  While the focus is generally on children, the fact is that adults deal with it as well.  Rumors are spread, people gossip, and whispers can be heard behind each other's backs.  Simply put, it hurts.

Physical injuries are visible and people often easily recognize your need to slow down and heal.  It's not as simple with the emotional hurts we incur.  Most are unable to see heartache without someone verbalizing it.  We all react differently to these circumstances and at times they can even change our personality.  No matter if the issue is large or small, it can affect us.

Imagine a friend, acquaintance, or someone you work with.  Now think about that person talking negatively about you behind your back.  Think about how you would feel when you found out.  What if you had put your heart into something and those hurtful words were about how you handled it?  Would it sting?  Picture a time in your life when you were feeling disheartened.  Now throw that insult to your already injured heart.  Where would you be mentally after that?  Add in that more than one person was talking about you.  How much damage is done now?

Constructive suggestions and hurtful criticisms are not one and the same.  We don't always agree and our process & actions aren't going to be exactly the same.  Sometimes we need to discuss it to gain understanding or explain our own thoughts & concerns.  Certain people are detail oriented planners, while others are the "fly by the seat of their pants" type.  Each of us has strengths and weaknesses.  The world works well with all kinds of people in it.  Where would we be if we were all the same?  Respect, teamwork, kindness, and understanding go a long way.

"If there was only one note how boring life would be.  I'm glad there are so many notes in many different keys."

When life seems to be a whirlwind of negative, how do you shut it off?  Do you have a personal pause "button" to give you time to reflect, refocus, relax, & rejuvenate?  How are you able reclaim your brain and your life?  


  1. Hmmm, I'm not usually around negative people so I don't have much of this problem. Luckily my hubs is a pretty positive person. If I was around negative people, it would be tough. I'd have to excuse myself. lol

  2. Excusing yourself is a good option Jessica! :) I think taking a few steps back is sometimes the best way to go.