Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog Break

I'm taking a blog break today.  I had every intention of posting a stellar blog. Really!  I did!  Reminder notes were even made on my handy dandy iPhone.  However, I am very close to the dinner hour without having had a sufficient amount of time to blog, so I determined that a blog break was necessary.

My next post will most likely include some exciting news that I received today (nothing as important as getting an agent or publisher of course), recent writing happenings, and a summary of my scrapbooking event on Saturday.

Oh yeah...  I might finally get caught up sometime next week!  Two of my normal volunteer days will be  free days for me.  You know, besides the Mom stuff.  How did this blessing occur?  My son's teacher will have a substitute for a few days as she will be spending time with her stepson who is going to be home from Iraq for a visit.  Definitely a good reason for using a few vacation days.  I plan to use my own time wisely.

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