Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Origins of Strength

Do you know the Bible story of Samson and Delilah?  If so, you are aware that Samson possessed a great strength.  Delilah wooed and wore Samson down until he revealed the only way to strip him of his strength, by shaving his head.  Delilah then betrayed the man, who fell in love with and trusted her, for silver.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that many of you also know of the comic book hero Superman.  Were you aware that his super human strength is said to be regenerated by the sun? 

My question is where do you feel these 2 men of steel get their true powers?  The Bible tells us that Samson got his strength from God.  Of course, I feel as though many of us get our most admirable attributes from our Heavenly Father.  As for our fictional character, you will find that he gains a great deal of his heroic attitude, full of truth and justice, from his family and friends. 

When I began to ponder this topic, I asked my children the all important question, "where do you get your strength?"   The answers were simple and and what you would expect from most kids.  M's answer was "water, chicken, apples, bananas, and oranges."  O  answered first with, "water and healthy food."

I decided to reword my question for them once more and asked, "What or who makes you strong on the inside, in your heart?"  My oldest quickly responded with "your brain," and his brother followed without hesitation by stating "God, Mom, and Dad."  O agreed and added "Jesus" as well.

My husband, my children, my Mom, my friends, and other family contribute to making my heart stronger, but I feel as though I ultimately get my strength from God and Jesus.  You see, the struggles and triumphs in this life often teach us something.  Friends are put into our lives when we least expect it.  In my opinion, God leads us to find these friends and places us in these positions at certain times in our lives so that we may grow as individuals. 

Where does your strength come from?  What is your strongest attribute?  Has your spirit gotten a good workout lately?

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger" -- Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. Love this post!! It's so true--we get our primary strength from God, but he puts others in our lives that we can lean on and draw from too.

  2. Absolutely agree! It seems the times I am waning most are the times I am not spending time with Him. :O)

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  4. I'm certainly grateful for His strength because going it alone would be a hopeless disaster. :)