Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today Is Not Monday

Wow!  It's not Monday!  The plan was to blog yesterday, but life had it's own ideas.  Beyond the thunderstorms that flashed, boomed, and shook homes, we had a few unexpected items on our to do list.  It involved stripped beds, pillow cases, and couch covers.  We cleaned carpets and used up a can of lysol.  All of this was a result of our oldest son coming down with a case of pink eye!

We had a nice visit with some of our East coast family this past weekend.  It wasn't nearly long enough, but we enjoyed every bit of our time with Grampa & P.  We celebrated my father-in-law & M's birthdays during their stay with us.  The boys had a hard time saying goodbye.

M's birthday is today!  My sweet baby boy is 5 years old!  Time goes by so quickly.  When I think back to the day M was born, I remember anxiety, excitement, and anticipation.  M's birth was scheduled, due to the complications of my previous labor and delivery, so it didn't hold the same amount of surprise as my first.  However, it was the day that my family became complete.  My husband and oldest son were the only ones (besides hospital staff) to hold M before I did.  While I was being stitched up and recovering from surgery, they bonded with M.  I felt so blessed and grateful to hold that little man in my arms for the first time.  I cannot believe how quickly 5 years goes by.  Happy 5th birthday M!  I love you!

It's been a whirlwind in our lives lately.  Birthdays, holidays, illness, end of the school year activities, and the list goes on and on.  As Summer vacation is fast approaching, I've decided to make some blog changes.  From June 1, 2010 through September 2010, I will be blogging once a week on Mondays.  My Monday and Wednesday blog schedule should return to normal in October.  Much like my previous "Holiday Blog hours,"  there may be unpredictable blog posts scattered amongst the Summer days.  Possibly even a craft induced post.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Thank you to all of our veterans and the families who support them!  *  Happy Birthday to my father-in-law (yesterday)!  Happy Birthday to Diane tomorrow!



  1. Mindy, keep your chin up and keep on keepin on! Someday soon these small annoyances in your life that just happen to be blood bound and not of choice will realize that there is more to life than destroying the one's around them. I feel your pain, almost regularly and I know if I can survive it you certainly can......remember you're a beautiful and strong mother/wife and you will not be broken!

  2. What a beautiful little family! Happy Birthday little M!

  3. Happy birthday sweet boy! :O)

  4. Aww...how sweet! Happy b-day to your little boy!

  5. I love seeing those newborn pictures! They bring back such wonderful memories, don't they? Seems like you're very wise with your blogging schedule and time. It goes so fast, as you mentioned! So enjoy your summer with the boys!