Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sticking With It

This morning I delivered a thank you gift to the staff of my son's school.  As a PTO representative and school volunteer, I've had the opportunity to see all of these wonderful people in action more often than some parents.  I'm so grateful for all of the time and energy the teachers and staff put into the education of our children.  However, working in the school goes far beyond teaching kids how to write, read, and do math. I appreciate the positive example these adults set for my children and was able to provide them with a small token to acknowledge everything that they do.

Saying the words thank you, or a simple gesture of thanks, show appreciation.  You can encourage and invigorate the spirits of those who work so hard with the smallest actions.  Everyone needs a little pat on the back from time to time. 

A tin from Target's dollar spot, $1.  Scrap paper, ribbon, and a paw print punch already owned, $0.  Old fashioned candy sticks (40) in school colors from Cracker Barrel, $4.  A little time and thoughtfulness to say, "Thanks for sticking with our kids this year!," priceless.

Is there anyone you need to thank today?  Someone who needs a bit of encouragement?  
Let someone know you appreciate what they do.


  1. I am so grateful for my kids' teachers, but I'm also grateful to their sports' coaches and all of the other volunteers who make my kids' life better.

    That's a really cute gift idea!

  2. This is such a nice thing to do. I'm not creative but thanks for reminding me say thank you to my son's school staff. I'll have to think of something...

  3. How creative and sweet! I might have to steal that idea. :)