Monday, August 29, 2011

Help! I Need The Beatles!

My son M is a huge fan of The Beatles.  We have been searching for a child sized Beatles shirt without luck.   Now that it's back to school time, he just has to have one.  He'd love an Abbey Road shirt, due to his love of all things "Herbie" (aka VW Beetles), but we've only seen that in a girly style.  We missed out on a (sold out) boys shirt available at The Children's Place.  After continuous failed search attempts at finding a reasonably priced t-shirt for M, I came up with an idea!

A Bleaching Technique 

Project Needs:
Plain cotton blend t-shirt (wash it first)
Vinyl cut letters (use a die cut machine or buy pre-cut)
Rag, Sponge, or Paper towels
*Alternate Method Needs:  Spray bottle
*Alternate Idea:  Use your vinyl cut image/letters as a stencil outline instead.

 A Beatles themed school supplies tag (see below) assisted in my creation.

Step 1:  Place vinyl letters (or image) on a clean plain t-shirt.  Place something inside the t-shirt to keep the bleach from altering both sides of the shirt.  I used a piece of cardboard inside a plastic bag.

Vinyl letters in place with school tag for reference.

Step 2:  Dip your rag in bleach and dab over your letters/image. *Or spray with bleach.  You will begin to see the reaction from the bleaching technique.  Once you are happy with the changes, rinse your shirt in water to stop the reaction.

Step 3:  Peel away your letters.  Wash & dry your shirt.

Reaction Complete (colors not exact)
Step 4:  Touch ups can be made with a fabric or sharpie maker if you desire.

With Touch Ups (colors not exact)

Step 5:  Gift or wear your new creation with a smile!

One happy fan of The Beatles!

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