Monday, August 8, 2011

Smack Dab in the Labyrinth

Smack dab in the middle of my brain lies the doorway to my own serenity and organization.  I'm lost in the labyrinth today.  Hopefully I shall soon reach and unlock the door.  If I haven't misplaced the key that is.

I'm unsettled.  My boys feel it too.  Summer is flapping in the wind and ready to leave us behind as school barrels towards us.  If stores would work with us and avoid putting out the school supplies until August actually arrives, maybe we'd feel better about it all.  Seasons are too often rushed.

We have bubbles to blow, sidewalks to decorate with chalk, water fights to have, and so much more to do!  Do not fade so quickly dear friend known as Summer.  Sit, have a glass of lemonade, stay a little while longer.

Sporadic posting may take place as I navigate my way through the labyrinth and enjoy the rest of SUMMER with my family.  There is fun to be had!  May your dwindling summer days be full of it!


  1. I can't believe summer is almost over! And I didn't even go to the beach. arggghhh. Great pic at the top of your blog! I love that. If you don't mind me asking, how would I do something like that?

  2. Thanks Jessica! I created it with My Digital Studio (by Stampin' Up), saved it as a JPEG file, uploaded to a photo hosting site, then used the link as my header on blogger.

    We haven't made it to the beach either!!!