Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meeting Jeff Kinney

Authors are the new rock star!  At least that's how things roll in my family.  Anyone who can get kids excited about reading deserves a cheering section.

My excitement about their excitement was overwhelming when I surprised my sons (and a friend) with tickets to meet one of their favorite authors, Jeff Kinney.  I even managed to get my little men to wear Wimpy Kid shirts without spoiling the surprise.  After picking them all up early from school, I handed out 3 Christmas wrapped books (the latest DOAWK book) and let them know it was an early Christmas gift.  Afterwards, I handed my oldest son a manilla envelope that I stamped with the Wimpy Kid (a previous handmade project) and a santa hat.  He pulled out 3 tickets to a book signing with Jeff Kinney and read them out loud.  When O realized that we were going to meet one of his favorite authors at that very moment, he responded with an energetic, "are you serious?"  He was stoked and the other two boys sat with stunned looks on their faces in amazement.  They all thought I had an appointment that day, so they couldn't believe I had pulled one over on them.

Thanks to a local book store, each of the boys got the latest book in the Wimpy Kid series autographed (along with a drawing of Greg or Manny), a magnet, and a tattoo.  Mr. Kinney spoke with the boys as he signed and shared with them that his kids were in the same grades that they are in.  The boys chose to get a group photo with the amazing author before we headed out.

Thanks Schuler Books & Mr. Kinney!

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