Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cover Story

I love books! I'm sure you haven't figured that out yet. *wink* Often when I'm at the store, I can't resist going to the book aisles to peruse the titles and covers of the many beautifully bound published creations. I love looking at all of the different cover art and the catchy titles that grab my eye. At times, a magazine cover will also get my attention. Some of these masterpieces make me laugh, smile, or simply intrigue me. A book store to me is like Toys R Us to a kid.

Recently, I've began pulling out my trusty iPhone to take photos of a few books that I was interested in reading. My memory is awful and it's much easier than filling up the back of my grocery list that I'll end up misplacing later anyway. Since beginning this ritual, I've also began taking photos of the covers and titles that entertain me. I may or may not intend to read the books, but I just can't resist snapping a photo to show my husband later. Today, I'm going to share some of my recent finds with you.

This photo, and the one below it, are from IKEA. Everywhere you go in this store, they have books. It's a book lovers dream come true! Well, if you can read Swedish that is!

This was a magazine on a few coffee tables in the different IKEA display areas. I was impressed that "the year's smartest products" and nudity went so well together!

Dirty Sexy Knitting? Wow, things sure have changed over the years. Just don't tell Grandma!

Pixie perfect! I'm a big fan of pixies you know. Most faeries are usually tame. Wait what? This is a hot sexy novel about... umm... One question. Does this involve pixie dust?

My sister is a big Dorothy fan so these kinds of things always catch my eye. So if she clicks her heels 3 times and says "there's no place like here" does "here" become someplace totally unique?

The smart one and the pretty one... aww someone wrote a book about me. Oh wait, umm...

So does that mean you don't have to be sisters any other day of the week? 'Cause sometimes that would work for me. LOL Just kidding sis!

Okay, I loved these 2 covers. What's not to love about a big beautiful bouquet of roses, a gorgeous wedding dress, and hot shoes? As for the other... The combination of the sand, blue water, and bare feet makes me want to head out on a beach destination vacation.

You don't know each other, but you are standing back to back and completely invading each other's personal space. Can you say awkward?

Really? Then who's taking off with your baby, and in a basket no less?

There's something about the writer in me that had to love the look of this book. Writers all have notebooks like these, or their own versions of them anyway.

Gosh! I didn't know she was so cruel! How could she? Are you going to sue? Hmmm, maybe we should be more careful about what we write.

OMG Dorothy! Ripped nylons! Quick, somebody call What Not To Wear's Stacy & Clinton! Is a shrunken Glinda looking at Toto because she is also wondering why he's looking up Dorothy's skirt?

Oh, I wish we all could have an accident like that! Don't you?


  1. Very cute post! I usually head straight to the historical fiction area and bypass the rest of these wonderfully covered books! Look what I'm missing out on! Who knew?! :)

  2. Love this post. BTW the Wednesday sister is actually a very good book :)

  3. Too absolutely entertaining. Someday if we can get away from the kids and husband we should spend an afternoon at Barne's and Nobles!