Monday, July 27, 2009

Meet Me On Monday: The O & M of CMOM

Meet Me On Monday
This Monday, and random Mondays here after, my blog will reveal something about me. All Meet Me On Monday blogs will be clearly labeled.

The rantings of an exhausted mother of 2 young boys to follow... proceed with caution at your own risk!

You are about to embrace the Mom side of me. Being a Mom is a major portion of my life. Often, I put my children ahead of myself, as most mothers do. Some days I am Super Mom and I fly through the day with ease, always coming to the rescue when a toy is missing or a boo-boo needs bandaging. Then there are the days where I feel as though I can't find one moment of peace and quiet, my kids are fighting without a chance of resolution, and my mind is stuck in the washing machine. Those days, I feel as though I could run out the door screaming! Don't we all have those days and those moments? Please tell me I am NOT the only one here!

My children have run me ragged today, and we are barely into the afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I love them dearly and would do just about anything for my boys. However, they have pushed me to my limits today. Actually, let me clarify, my youngest son is the one who has left me feeling drained.

Today, my youngest son, I'll call him M, has pushed every button that I have! The details would only aggravate me more at this point. He is my "Fudgie" (go read Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing -- Fudge book series). M has found ways to torment his mother, that his older brother never attempted. In fact, I don't think my oldest son, let's refer to him as O, ever imagined even trying to test me in the ways that M does. Aah yes, they are like day and night.

M is stubborn, shy, and his emotions are never invisible. If he's grumpy, you know it. If he's happy, he'll make you smile. When he's mad, look out! Giggles, silliness, and laughter are contagious with M. You always know where you stand, even if you don't understand why. M is a morning person and detail oriented. When M wants something, or decides something, it's not easy to sidetrack him. If he has a goal in mind, he's got his eye on the prize. He loves books, but prefers playing with cars and has a soft spot for Herbie the love bug. He is quiet and independent. M can be the most adorable and sweetest kid on the planet, when he wants to be.

O is outgoing, kind, and shows his emotions easily. He is extremely expressive and open with others. Often times you will hear him talking "older" than he is. O is the kid who is always willing to give a hug, kiss, or just cuddle with you. He LOVES to read and write. I see his future in the Arts (acting, music, or writing mostly). O is rarely quiet and is a very social child. He can be goofy or completely serious. Music is another love of my eldest son, always singing when he isn't talking. He is slightly obsessed with super heroes and Transformers, Bumblebee is #1 in his book. O will never be a fighter, except when necessary, but always a kind hearted soul.

These are my kids. They inspire me, exhaust me, enlighten me, scare me, make me laugh, make me cry, frustrate me, help me, encourage me, tease me, tolerate me, make me happy, and bring out the best, and worst, in me. Most of all, they love me and I love them too... with all of my heart and soul! I protect them like the biggest scariest Mama Lioness in the world, even though I'm probably one of the tiniest. These 2 "little men" of mine are the reason I want to be a better Mom and a better person. Without them, my life wouldn't be the same and wouldn't hold as much meaning, hope, or love. Knowing them is like knowing a part of me, because O & M are a huge part of my heart.

CMOM Productions
C - is for the man who loves me so
M - oh that's me, didn't you know?
O - is my first born son, he helped me grow
M - is my second born son, who completed my soul.
Productions- it's all about the life we live, people we love, and places we go.


  1. I always wondered what CMOM stands for! What a cool way to sum up your family and your blog! And yes, I can totally relate! My kids mean the world to me, but there are days when they exhaust the life out of me! :)

  2. Your family sounds like they are perfect. Glad they are your inspiration!

  3. Jody- Yes, once we decided on the youngest's name we came up with CMOM and it stuck! It's a mix of "See Mom" and our initials so we love it... which also means we can't have any more kids. lol

    Diane- Thanks for reading my blog! :) My family is far from perfect but I love them anyway. I guess I should say they love me with all my imperfections too, but then I'd have to admit to those things. lol