Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Hope Not Sporadically!

I am a planner! Ask my husband... he loves it! Okay, sometimes he loves it and sometimes it drives him batty. lol But as I've said before... I am who I am. Though at times I do tend to just "roll with it," my normal is all about making lists and schedules for myself. Organization is a friend to someone like me with an overactive brain.

Every time I think about my blog, the line "I hope not sporadically" pops into my head (I am a big fan of the movie Clueless)! You see I realize that I am not very consistent when it comes to blogging regularly. Tonight I began to feel slightly guilty about my lack of blogging, I have guilt over the silliest things sometimes. That's when it hit me. Why not create a blogging schedule! I've been trying to blog when the mood strikes me. I realized that blogging is like exercise, you have to get into a routine. Heck, you are even working your brain muscles when you blog right?!? See... totally exercise!

My plan tomorrow... give myself a blogging schedule! It'll be a lot easier for people to follow along won't it? So I guess I can now say... I'll be seeing you. Your response? "I hope not sporadically!"


  1. I love that movie! Haven't watched it in years. But after it first came out my girlfriends and I would Totally talk in Clueless lines!!! That was an awesome summer!

  2. Sounds like a great plan! I actually plan my blogs for specific days, but don't mind what other people do. I like the variety of all of the blogs I visit! So do whatever works for you!