Monday, July 19, 2010

A Crumpled Daily Check List

A scavenger hunt in the woods, hot summer sun, cool pool time, 5 smiling kids and 1 adorable baby, 2 awesome grandmas (and a even a grandpa for part of the time), & 3 happy moms.  That is a pretty simple and accurate description of my last Friday afternoon.  What does it all add up to?  A fun & sweet memory to cherish for years!

Ask most people in my family, and they will tell you that I don't often take time to slow down and relax.  I always have a project to occupy my time and something cooking on the back burner as well.  Lists are required to keep my mind organized as I'm constantly going and doing what I can for those around me.  Type A you ask?  Yeah, you could say that.  This is just how I was made.

In the last 2 weeks I've had a few days that allowed me to just let go.  A handful of family members and friends have helped me to relax and not think about what's next on my to do list.  My kids are probably the most responsible in this area.

When I slow down, I realize how quickly my boys are growing.  The summer days are fading at a rate that make me want to reach for the pause button on life's remote.  There are moments that I want to pull my hair out and have some quiet time, but mostly I just know I'm going to be in for some tears when September rolls around.

Guilt finds me when I'm not attempting to keep up with the daily check list, but I realize that's not always what's most important.  If I don't stop to appreciate the beauty in life, those feelings will find me later in the years.

As I look out past my deck, I notice freshly fallen raindrops, caught by rich green leaves, sparkling like tiny rhinestones in the sunshine.  Before long, this will no longer be visible.  Rain will evaporate or roll off the green foliage to soak into the ground below.  Had I not taken the time to look at what was right in front of me, I would have missed it all.

Don't miss out on all the simple joys in life.  Whether it's board games with the kids, singing silly songs, or dancing around the living room, take a day off and enjoy every second.

What have you done or experienced lately that qualifies as a simple joy?  Do you stop to smell the roses often or struggle with taking the extra time?  Who or what helps you to slow down and relax?



  1. I like to slow down in the afternoons. Well, actually, I always like slowing down. *grin* It's not to say I don't have things to do, but I have a mental idea every morning of what I'd like to accomplish before noon, if possible. The rest of the day is usually spent reading and being with the kids somehow. :-)
    I'm glad you had a few slow days. They really do change our perspective.

  2. You have such a great attitude!

    Yesterday, I weeded my garden for two hours. I found it very relaxing, although the humiditiy and heat were wicked. It was nice to just do something and not think.