Monday, July 12, 2010

Nostalgia Meets Modern Day

My mind has travelled over various topics for today, but it keeps coming back to the day I spent with my family yesterday.  It was a wonderful day overall and I just feel like sharing some of it with you.  The events really began on Saturday however, so I'll begin there.

We have a finished daylight basement.  Beyond a laundry room, hallway, and "boiler" room, we have a large open room with an attached 3/4 bathroom.  This room has housed out of state visitors and other family guests.  In the past, I've had a scrapbooking day or two in this space as well.  My sewing and craft area has also occupied a small portion of the room at one time.  With the recent changes in our lives, we decided to rearrange and clean up the area once again.  We have a lovely curtain that will section off the smaller side of the room for our visiting guests, and the larger portion of the room will become my Stampin' Up workshop and class space.  Saturday, we began the process of letting go of unused items to make a little extra room.

Sunday afternoon gave us the opportunity to drive to my Aunt D's home and deliver the previously mentioned items for an upcoming barn sale.  Aunt D lives in my great-grandparents old homestead and the barn is perfect for an event like this.  There is also magic surrounding every part of the land and space where two of the most endearing people in my life once lived.  In my childhood days, there weren't many places that I loved more than my great-grandparent's.  

My boys enjoyed giving Aunt D's ducks a shower and then ran wild for a little bit.  Then C, Aunt D, and I unloaded the car before admiring the restored barn. We all marveled at the garden, Uncle R is a green thumb.  Afterwards, M picked raspberries with Aunt D, while O mostly enjoyed running around the wide open spaces.  Seeing my boys enjoying the place that I did as a kid, not to mention the previous generation of my Mom & Aunt D, was such a wonderful feeling.  I can imagine my great-grandparents were smiling down on them and loving them just as much as they did every child that was a part of their lives.  

Our day was not yet over, so we traveled to visit Grandma (my Mom) quickly, before heading over to my older brother's home.  He had been working on a dog haven for his beautiful German Shepard, but took a break to visit with his only nephews and amazing sister & brother-in-law (not to toot our own horns or anything).  The boys had a blast with Uncle M & Aunt S!  They went for a short hike and enjoyed all of the nature that surrounds the home.  Later they moved inside to play a round of Lego Batman while the adults talked on the deck overlooking the river.  We enjoyed good conversation and a lot of laughter.  Then we stopped to see my Mom for hugs and I love you's before we headed home.  The evening ended all too quickly.

Among all the bitter sweetness we face in our lives, moments with family (and true friends) who loves you is priceless.  When others turn away or stomp on your heart, it's these precious people who will be there to pick you up and help put you back together.  Even the memories of loved ones who have gone on before us help to heal our spirits.  

Who in your life has supported you through the rough spots?  Who has given more than they have taken?  Who on this earth can you count on the most?  Who are you grateful for today?

<3 Extra love goes out to my family today!  I appreciate and am grateful for you! <3


  1. Sounds like you have a great support team in place. I have a few friends that help me through those tough times too. :O)

  2. I really wish people would stop running so much and enjoy what life pleasures there are. Everyone is so busy earning a buck or two - chatting on a cell phone, that they family days are forgotten. I recently gave up my cell phone and it was one of the best things I have done. I did not have a cell phone for 42 years and then had one for the last 5 - wasnt worth it...I now ride quietly in the car. We make a point to have family supper every sunday whether a big meal or BBQ - but we are always together. I have cut alot of things that I never had growing up so I dont need them now. What a difference it has made in my soul....I believe that the saying "Less is More" is so true... I really see and know how truly blessed I am with my family and friends...

  3. I'm grateful for my husband, mom and sisters! It sounds like you had a lovely, blessed day. :-)