Monday, July 26, 2010

Emotional Draino

This past week, I decided to embrace my inner Smurfette.  A few electric blue streaks graced my hair after the encouragement of my husband, my boys, and my good friend & hairstylist, E.  We were certain my Mom would get a little shock, and possibly a chuckle, out of my bold statement, but she wasn't phased.

Sometimes we feel like taking actions that are not in our typical motions.  Whether it's a blue streak in our blonde hair, stepping out of a shy quiet mode and into the spotlight, writing an amazing novel,  starting a business, or doing just about anything that changes our lives.  Stepping out of that comfort zone and into an extraordinary experience is often a release.

Expression, defined in multiple ways, is gift.  No matter what form it takes, it is a blessing and a freedom that we possess.  Can you imagine how different our lives would be if we didn't seize the opportunity to physically or verbally proclaim who we are or how we feel inside?  We'd all be in desperate need of Emotional Draino.

Emotional Draino, for those days when your life is stuck and your troubles are beginning to overflow due to the emotional backup in the plumbing of your heart.

How do you express yourself?  Everyone has those bad days and needs a little stress relief.  What is your equivalent to Emotional Draino?  Is it exercise, a good cry, a good talk, a distracting book or movie, writing, music, or something completely different?  


A crafty blog post coming soon!


  1. Love the thought of emotional draino!! What a cool way to think about freeing ourselves to really live! I'm not sure how I find expression--obviously through my writing. But sometimes it's also in something as simple as laughing at myself with my kids.

  2. Wow, I could do a ten part series on emotional draino. Love that phrase!!! :O)

  3. Ha! A long talk with my sister always works for me!

  4. Your inner Smurfette. Too cute.

    I like a good run--it makes me tired and clears my head.