Monday, April 11, 2011

Time Warp

 My birthday is one month away.  While many hit a "certain age" and decide that celebrating a higher number isn't their favorite activity in the world, I still look forward to it.  The getting older part isn't exactly anyone's cup of tea, but I'm lucky enough to regain a fairly youthful appearance.  It's even been suggested that I should be involved in the sting operation of a "to catch a predator" type of show.  Regardless,  the approaching annual milestone left me pondering what I would do if I could go back in time and guide my younger self.

Am I the only one to ponder this travel back in time idea?  Absolutely not.  I'm certain there must be a book or movie about this kind of thing.  Back to the Future does show a few alterations in Marty McFly's life after his adventures, but it's not quite the same.  Brad Paisley's country tune Letter To Me certainly has the right feel for my train of thought.

Can you picture it in your own head?  Time warping back to those youthful years and passing along a letter, watching a familiar teen from a distance, or having a face to face conversation with your you of yesteryear?  Are you reflecting with a smile or a little sadness?  What would you say?  Would you do anything at all?  Would you want to change the person you have become today?  

While there are "things" I would be grateful to change about my younger years, I realize just how those ups, downs, highs, & lows have molded me into... me.  I kind of like who I am today, flaws and all.  I have two amazing children and a husband I wouldn't trade.  Life isn't mean to be perfect and even if you alter the past, it doesn't automatically ensure "perfection."  Different maybe, but perfection?  Nope.

I've learned a great many things in my almost 32 years, but I certainly do not know it all.  Hopefully my growth will continue for a great many more years.  Experiencing life is worth celebrating.  Each and every year is precious.  When I'm a feisty little old lady in my 60's,  I wonder if I will look back, smile, and ponder the same...

Would you go back in time?  Write a letter to your teenage self?  
What would you say?  
Can you think of any great books or movies that follow these theme?

Enjoy Monday with a little Brad Paisley....

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