Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From Peace to Frustration

I took a brief break from blogging over the long weekend. I know... "you just started?!?" Yes, I just started this blogging experience, but since having children I don't often get the chance to experience quiet time with my husband of 10 years. This weekend we were entirely grateful to my Mom for giving us that opportunity. She took our 2 boys for 2 whole quiet nights. Well, quiet for us anyway. During this time, my husband and I were able to see 2 movies (that were still in the theatre), have a nice lunch (not fast food), a chance to peruse peacefully in the bookstore, and... we were able to miss our 2 boys! Aaaahhh... what a great weekend! Thanks Mom!

As the weekend was entirely enjoyable, today did not start out with that same sense of calm. Of course, we rushed around the house before school began and then made it just before my oldest son could be considered tardy. When we got home, I assumed the day would settle into that nice happy relaxing place that I had experienced just days ago. Oh how naive... I turned on the computer and then opened the nearby curtains in front of the slider that leads to our small deck. I instantly realized that I should have left them closed! You see, our deck space was newly crowned with a canopy and mosquito net to provide shelter from the sun, light rain, and those pesky blood suckers. Today I planned to full enjoy the new feature while quietly working on a project. Now, here's the importance of the word "light" when speaking of rain. Last night, we had a rain storm. This rain was evidently not light. Need I say more? I'm sure you can guess what happened. Yes, my canopy & netting is currently in a tangled wet mess. The slight tear in my beautiful new shelter was just an added bonus. So I'm currently pouting and blogging about it. It will remain a big tangled wet mess until my husband arrives home to help me set it right. I'd fix it myself, but my frustration & shortness (as in my height not my temper) are holding me back. Hopefully the days events improve... and quickly!


  1. You had such a nice weekend and then that happens. That stinks. Hope your week improves.

  2. Bummer! I bet its a great relaxing spot when its upright though.