Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good News!

I am but a beginner to the world of blogging! I've been encouraged to finally start one of these fun & exciting public rambling of words by my friend Marybeth. I wanted to start my blogging experience off on the right foot, so I have been waiting for just the right feeling and topic to set me off on my way. After a few happy moments today, I knew where to begin...

It's amazing how you can have a rotten day, week, month, or even a year and it can all change with just a few simple words. One piece of good news can change everything. We've all been there... discouraged, bad day at work, the kids driving you batty, etc and then BAM! You hear something so positive that your sour mood goes away and your outlook brightens. It could be as simple, although it's never really simple, as hearing the words "I love you!" You could be struggling and stressing through exam after exam, only to find out that you got accepted to your dream college/university. Then there are big dreams that seem out of reach for so long, the kind that make you wonder if you'll ever really have a shot at actually putting it on your "accomplishments" list. Then some fine day you hear: "I'm interested in your book," "we'd like to offer you the role," "the house is yours," "you're pregnant," "we'd like to offer you a contract," or whatever it is that is on your It Might Never Happen To Do List and everything seems right with the world. Heck, better than right! You feel like dancing in the shower, shouting from the rooftops, and all you can do is smile from ear to ear! It's all worth it... all the hard work, effort, and even dreaming big when nobody else believes in you!

Today I've felt the good news vibes of others. Feeling the excitement of friends and hearing about their dreams coming true, no matter how big or small, is contagious! A round of smiles for everyone please! Good news anyone?


  1. No new good news today....still waiting...and trying to figure out how to double space my manuscript! AND I sent it off NOT double spaced and it should be double spaced...so I don't think that's such good news :D LOL

  2. I'm sure that the lack of double spacing won't throw her off... The novel speaks for itself! There must be a setting in Microsoft Office that will do it automatically for you. :)