Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Brave

I've been perusing blogs today. While doing so, I came to one very important conclusion... I need to start being brave! I often get distracted by life's daily activities, and those things become my perfect excuses to put things off till tomorrow. Prime examples of this: "Well, the kids need me, so I'll pick up my pencil and write tomorrow." Then it's, "the laptop needs to be recharged." The excuses can easily pile up. While valid most times, they just aren't good enough anymore! Maybe deep down I'm just a big chicken! Am I just scared to write and somehow not measure up? --For anyone who knows me, no short jokes here please. -- I know I need to focus on my writing and NOT what anyone thinks about it. From this point on, my goal is to exercise my distracted brain and write on a daily basis. Even if it's just a few sentences on this blog! The only way I'm going to move forward is to throw out the excuses, not give up on myself, and not look backward! Today, I'm making that first step and getting brave! Maybe my next goal should be writing my blog description...


  1. Here Here...well said! AND after you get a few more posts going...Guess who is gonna give you some link love! Oh yeah...ME!!!

    ESPECIALLY when you post Super Target Search!!!

  2. Super Target love will soon be posted! lol