Thursday, May 21, 2009

Write What You Know

As I go through the brainstorming process, I keep coming back to one of my favorite authors & book series. You might have heard of it. The story is about this strong minded and imaginative red headed orphan girl named Anne, with an e of course. In L.M. Montgomery's heartwarming stories, she uses a character to express a writing tip. Basically, it's all about writing what you know. In the story, it prompts our beloved "Anne girl" to write about the people and places she knows. I believe the author herself did just that. It's easier to write when you feel it. Of course, it's easier to feel it when you "know" it. We use our experiences along with our imagination to create. It's a beautiful combination. So now I'm mentally reliving some of those not-so-wonderful moments in my life, along with the amazing ones, to enhance my brainstorming. Hopefully it will give me an assist on my own writing endeavors. What tips have you received? What are your tips?


  1. IDK...I'm not so sure JK Rowling KNEW how to be a wizard???? (And if Hogwarts really exists why didn't I ever get my letter!!!)

  2. OMG...WAIT...does this mean Edward Cullen is real too?????

    Ok I'll stop...sorry :(

  3. lol Aaahh yes, but we take people and events in our lives and it helps mold our characters and descriptions. I'm sure JK Rowling had a few "muggles" in her life and Stephenie Meyer drew her inspirations (whether it be characteristics or locations) from some of her surroundings.