Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank you for the music...

For those who are unaware, my first love in the "arts" was not writing. My heart will always belong to music and singing. I have even recorded 2 traditional country indie cds. Truthfully, my personal music selections have always bounced all over the place. I enjoy singing and listening to many different artists and genres. My kids are also music buffs and have their own favorites. I can't say that I don't enjoy listening to their heroes, the Jonas Brothers, and so far agree that they are the kind of role models I want my boys to have. Of course the breaking of Taylor Swift's heart might have knocked Joe Jonas down on the "hero charts" with my youngest, he has a huge crush on the amazingly talented girl, but beyond that, these boys seem to have it together. Hopefully that doesn't change over the years. As mentioned, we listen to plenty of Taylor Swift as well. Some of my other favorites are Josh Groban, Michael Buble (go see him in concert! WOW!), Rick Nelson, Martina McBride, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Bryan White, Vince Gill, Jesse McCartney, Christina Aguilera, Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, Usher, Fall Out Boy, The Veronicas, Aly & AJ, and on and on and on... You seriously do NOT want me to keep going or you'll never finish this blog! So the point, I LOVE MUSIC! Heck, my entire family loves music!

I'm one of those people that loves music so much that I make up songs all the time. Silly songs to make my kids laugh, smile, and even about eating their food. lol Yes, I'm a big goofball! I do this so often, that my kids think it's completely normal. They are now into the habit as well. I feel as though I should apologize to their future teachers, however I have also tried to teach them to pay attention. Regardless, this does make our life more entertaining. How many kids are walking into school singing "Mama Mia" or instantly respond to someone saying "uh-huh" with a "honey honey" sung right on cue? Did I mention that they love the Mama Mia soundtrack? Of course, Disney has become a huge factor in my kids desire to live life as a musical. They have created such beautiful kid friendly musicals with High School Musical 1, 2, & 3. I don't believe either of my boys have stopped singing and dancing since HSM has hit the tv screen! Do I even have to say that I couldn't be prouder?

Life is instantly more fun when you add music! Wouldn't you agree? It enhances every emotion and there are so many options to choose from. Music even enhances our movies. Think of your favorite movie... got it? Does a song, or more than one, stick out in your mind when you think of that movie as well? There is so much in life that music enriches. Simply, and mostly, music improves our lives. I know I wouldn't feel like a whole person without it. I believe one of my favorite songs (ABBA) says it best... "thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing, thanks for all the joy they're bringing, who could live without it, I ask in all honesty, what would life be, without a song or a dance what are we, so I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me..."

What is your favorite song/singer/music type? Do you listen to music more when you are feeling happy or sad or all the time? What is your favorite movie music selection? Do you have a moment in your life that you associate with a special song?


  1. These are HARD questions because I can answer each one a million times! Favorite song/singer/music type would for the most part be Anna Nalick, The Fray, KT Tustall, Snow Patrol, Jars of Clay, Matthew West, Michael W. Smith. I listen to music when I am both Happy and Sad. I could listen to/sing music ALL day long and be in heaven. My favorite movie soundtrack is Bed of Roses. Although it doesn't have a ton of singing it has a lot of memories and I love every bit of it. I associate EVERY important moment/person in my life with a certain song. I can't help it. You name the person/moment...I'll give you the song associated with it/them!!! So um...we need to hang out more so I can find a song for us :D

  2. MB... lol we were meant to be friends! I have to say that I LOVE Bed of Roses too... Insensitive Jann Arden! One of my all time favorites! So we have to hang out again soon! :)