Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet Me On Monday: Adventures With Pixie Dust

Meet Me On Monday:
This Monday, and random Mondays here after, my blog will reveal something about me.
All Meet Me On Monday blogs will be clearly labeled.

Warning:  Meet Me On Monday usually includes a crazy warning...  However, today it's just a THANK YOU!  Thank you to my husband, C, for helping me update my blog space!  I love you!
The drum roll has been played, the curtains have been pulled back, and the new look of CMOM Productions has been unveiled!  TA DA! 
After a lot of hard work on my husband's part, and a little pixie dust, I have a new blog background!  It did take a number of adjustments and some compromises from my original design plan, but it's me.  I put together the buttons and flowers, but my husband handled the majority of the "putting it all together" details.  All in all, it was a team effort, but he deserves most of the credit because I would not have been able to pull this one off on my own.
If you peruse the bulletin board of buttons, you will find a little piece of me in each one.  Ah yes, you can't fully understand the meaning without a bit of  description to coordinate it all. 
Okay, off to Mini Mindy Land!  Here's a little  *.*.*. Pixie Dust .*.*.* and off we go!
It all begins with the self explanatory CMOM Productions piece.  It has a scrapbooking feel to it and is one of my favorites!
Look out!  It's a fairy fly by!  Here we have the beautiful Tink resting upon a flower.  She's a major favorite of mine.  Not many can beat a short girl with spunk and determination.  For someone who is pixie sized, you can't go wrong with the #1 fairy in everyone's hearts!
On we go to the beautiful scenic shores of Lake Michigan...  Look at those adorable blonde boys!  Oh wait, those two handsome little men belong to me!  I love this old photo of my guys playing at the water's edge. 
Looks like we left some footprints in the sand.  Well, maybe not exactly.  This is a representation of faith for me and many others. 
Please be careful of my tiara as you pass by.  Again, being the only female in our home I cannot be seen without it. 
Look out below!!!  My love of books is lovingly showcased as simply as possible.
Moving forward you will see a bird, I mean a plane, okay I mean the logo of Superman (or Supergirl) and WonderWoman.  If you were not aware, my nerd-dom branches out into the lands of comic book heroes.  Before long, an entire post will be devoted to my favorites and why I love these heroes so much! 
Bounce upward and keep right on bouncing!  Hoo hoo hoo hoo!  Tiggerific!  Before I was born, my Mom made me a baby blanket and Tigger is featured upon the back.  I believe my love for this bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun character began there.
Let yourself float down towards the beautiful Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Aaahh... I feel calm, relaxed, and invigorated by the ocean air already.  Don't you?  With half of my family being Maine natives, and 6 wonderful years of my life spent there, I had to showcase a state that is my 2nd home (in my heart at least).
Walk with me once again.  The pink ribbon you see is a reminder and a statement.  You see, I supported a dear friend in her battle with breast cancer by creating a Race For The Cure team in her honor a few years ago.  Today, she's a survivor and I'm truly grateful to have her in my life!  *HUGS* You know who you are!
Do you hear that music?  Follow it's sound to the retro style microphone you see before you.  It represents my love of song!  I could make this "brief" statement go on forever, so let me put it as simply as possible.  Listen, sing, play, dance, & love!!!!
Be careful as you move forward, this path is not always so easy or simple.  I know this to be true and I salute the men and women of our armed forces here!  Thank you for all you do!
Now we must cross the soft petals of a light blue flower and jump into the land of Scrapbook.  I hope you brought along your trusty scissors so we can crop ourselves out of here, before we are forever captured in time.  Many memories are stored and cherished here... and many hours can be spent in this fabulous world.
M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E!!!  Well, Mickey & Minnie go hand in hand so I couldn't possibly post one without the other.  *sigh*  Disney is more than just a bunch of crazy characters in my book.  It's a piece of me, and there is no question that my family feels the same.  My husband and I can even say "it all began with a mouse..." when we are asked about our first date.
This adventure has been fun, but it's about time to make tracks.  The paw print you see in front of you is that of a wild animal!  Actually, it represents my school spirit, both past and present!  From high school cheerleader to PTO Mom, I love being true to my school.  Well, now days it's my kid's school.
Wow!  I'm sure you are in need of a nap after that long *.*.*. Pixie Dust .*.*.*  fueled journey!  I hope you've enjoyed just a little bit more insight as to what makes me who I am.  Before you leave, please let me know what you think of the new layout.  Do you think it captures the essence of CMOM Productions?  Thank you for visiting and come again soon!  Send my regards to you travel agents!!!


  1. I can't help but point out that those little foot prints are SOOOO from a Barefoot Wine Logo!!! LOL

    What does that say about me?

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog theme!! It truly is a reflection of everything you are. You (Chris too) did a great job. And thanks for making me cry:)

  3. MB... lol Now that you mention it, I think I've seen wine bottles with a label like that. BUT I swear I made these ones on my own. lol Oh and it shows that you are observant and doesn't imply anything else in the slightest. *wink*

    Jeni... Thank you! I realized I am missing one more button. I figured out exactly what to put on it Monday night. It'll have to go up soon and it'll probably be at the bottom of the page. As far as you crying, you know I love you! :)