Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Kids Say

In our home everyone hangs their best masterpieces on the fridge... Except for me. I haven't found strong enough magnets to keep my kids up there!


My kids say the most hilarious things, as most kids do! They also have the ability to melt my heart with a few of their precious words as well. I've even caught them being so kind to each other, in between the sibling torture, that I can't help but feel a tug at my heartstrings.

Today, my kids are missing and have been replaced with none other than Superman & Batman. My youngest, I mean Superman, told me that I can be Batgirl, but later decided that I would be Supergirl. I play right along with these fun games, because secretly I am... well I can't tell you that or my cover would be blown. It's moments like these that I love being a Mom of 2 boys with imaginations.

Often times, my kids and I have silly conversations. One recent talk was a combination of me being goofy and my youngest son, M's, youthful honesty mixed with sweetness...

Me: Am I a nerd?

M: Shakes head no

Me: Am I cool?

M: Shakes head no and whispers... Me just love you.

Me: Me just love you too.

Realizing that our kids see and understand things differently than we do can sometimes lead to laughter. Eavesdropping children can also lead to hilarious moments. We experienced both of these things recently. It all began with standing in front of a magazine rack while waiting to purchase our groceries.

On the way home from our shopping trip, I was expressing my thoughts to my husband. There was a photo, on a magazine cover, of an actress that I thought was beautiful and talented. However, her attitude in interviews drove me crazy. My husband, C, responded with something along the lines of "Yeah, someone should tell her to shut up."

Little did we know that our oldest son, O, was eavesdropping on the conversation. He quickly piped up with a "Dad you can't say the S word!" Instantly, there was panic written on my husband's face as he tried to go through the entire conversation we had been having to determine when he might have slipped and spouted "the S word." He then stated "I didn't say the S word." Our smart little O man spouted quickly back, "yes you did and it's not nice! Mrs. A says we shouldn't say shut up, because it can hurt people's feelings!" The look of relief, and embarrassment, on my husband's face was revealed. I was silently laughing hysterically, hidden from my son's view by my seat, but managed to say "Yeah Dad!" My husband then humbly apologized for saying "the S word."

Lessons learned:
You can be uncool without being a nerd and still be loved, but please don't say "the S word" for any reason!