Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mom's Day Off

Although moms never really get a full day off, occasionally we need a little break.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  I was struggling with an attempt at relaxing and letting go of the worries that always seem to climb back into my life.  When I vented to a good friend, she told me to "take the day off."  Her suggestion was to let the kids watch movies or play games, while I just kick back with a good book or some other good distraction.  I decided to take her advice.

I got my kids settled with a Disney dvd, grabbed a book I had been reading, and headed straight to the couch to step out of reality, and into the story.  The boys were really into their movie, and then really into playing after that.  By the time my husband got home, I was so relaxed I was practically falling asleep.  It was wonderful! 

While reading the book of fiction, I ran across the perfect advice given by one of the main characters.  Here it is...

"I know you're thinking that this whole... situation is something you have to solve.  That it's somehow your responsibility to make sure nothing bad happens.  But you can't control everything.  You'll start making yourself crazy if you try." 

I guess taking it easy and reading was exactly what I needed!  Even works of fiction can give you some perspective.  I have found that this kind of thing happens to me fairly often... and I love it when it does!

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever heard exactly what you needed to hear when you were watching a movie or reading a book?  Have you gotten some perspective from something or somewhere unexpected?


  1. Actually, it tends to happen when I go to church. It never fails that the homily happens to be about the exact problem I've been facing.

    Think God is trying to tell me something?

  2. I've done that too, put in a movie or paid my older kids to "babysit" so that I can have a little break. And fortunately my husband gives me breaks from mom-duty too. It keeps me fresh and able to approach my kids again with renewed energy.

    BTW, I LOVE your new blog look!! Very cute!

  3. MB - I love it when things like that happen and somtimes it is a little scary. lol God knows our problems so it's very possible that He was involved in it... and there are probably plenty of other people in the congregation that need to hear it too. :)

    Jody - We all need that break sometimes don't we? :) I love having a husband who is a partner in life... someone who is great with sharing responsibility in the home makes us very lucky! Thanks btw! It took a few compromises on the original design to get to this finished look. I'm pretty happy with it!