Friday, October 16, 2009

The Dream Times

What do the Jonas Brothers, their parents, an ABC Soaps star, and multiple negative newspaper editorials have in common?  No, they are not featured in the latest tabloid (at least not as far as I know), but they were all major parts of my dream last night!  What an interesting drama it was.

In this dream, I seemed to be fresh out of high school and family friends of the Jonas family.  When your boys watch Disney channel's JONAS at night, they apparently make a guest appearance in your dreams while you sleep.  Seriously, these boys (um, men or young men I guess) are everywhere!  There I was, hanging out, laughing, and listening to music with the family when in walks One Life To Live's Viki (Erika Slezak). 

The wrinkled forehead, raised to one side mouth, and concerned eyes showed me instantly that she was not here to join in the relaxed atmosphere.  In her hand, she held a current newspaper that was folded in half.  "I thought you would want to see this," she said as she held the paper out to me.  Without a word, my eyes went to the page in front of me.  Before me, 3 negative editorials and my photo starred back. 

Within seconds, the over publicized brother band was behind me.  As they read out loud over my shoulder, the "who would do this?" comment popped out of someone's mouth.  I shook my head and simply stated, "I know who."  The family of Jonas offered words of support while I grabbed my phone and dialed my Mom's phone number.

When she answered, I asked instantly, "are you okay?  Did you see it?"  Of course she had, and she knew who was responsible.  My mother quickly filled me in on the fact that the person I expected to be the culprit was unhappy with me coming forward about the abuse in my blog.  This was their way of seeking some sort of vengeance.  "Great!" I thought.  "I should have expected it, even if I was trying to do the right thing by coming forward."

Shortly after that, I woke up to see my youngest son standing next to my side of the bed.  He wanted to sleep in between mom and dad.  "You got it buddy," was my response.  What a crazy dream.

How often do your daily activities or recent events affect your dreams?  Have you had any really crazy ones yourself?

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