Monday, October 12, 2009

Meet Me On Monday: Mini Mindy Monday Madness Round 3

Meet Me On Monday:

This Monday, and random Mondays here after, my blog will reveal something about me. 
All Meet Me On Monday blogs will be clearly labeled.

Warning: Mini Mindy Monday Madness will ensue further into this posting! Please proceed with caution and be careful not to step on the pixies!
Welcome to Mini Mindy Monday Madness (aka M4), Round 3. I previously took my typical "Meet Me On Monday" topic to a new level with M4 Round 1 & Round 2.  On Mini Mindy Monday Madness days, I give 5 random facts and/or photos that showcase a little bit of who I am.  As you learned some very serious information about me on Friday, thank you for your support & comments through Blogger and off of Blogger by the way, I thought I would keep today's post very light and fun!  These tid bits are from days that have long since gone by.  I will pick up where I left off with #11 on the list. Enjoy!

11.  I am the 2nd born of 4 children and the oldest daughter.  All of my siblings, and myself, have names that begin with the letter M.  Our birth order goes boy, girl, girl, boy.  We range from 32 to 26 at this current date.
12.  I have been published on a local level in the past.  While in high school, I wrote and took pictures for a couple of local papers as a student volunteer reporter.  On one occasion, I was even paid for my work.  I was active on the school newspaper as well.
13.  As you know, I love memory keeping.  I fell in love with layouts in high school as an editor of the school yearbook, I was able to help create a "scrapbook" of memories for my school mates.  Around this time in my life is also when I started my first simple scrapbook.

14.  I've got spirit, yes I do!  I've got spirit! How about you?  I wore my school colors proudly as a cheerleader!  If you've ever seen a football or basketball game, did you notice the cheerleaders?  As the smallest girl on the squad, although I had a friend who wasn't much bigger than I am, you would often find me being thrown into the air as a "flyer."  Go team!

15.   Just call me book nerd, smarty pants, and goody-two-shoes (yes, a classmate did call me this) as I was a National Honor Society member and graduated with Highest Honors (no, not the Valedictorian) from high school.  Since I have given birth to my children, I believe some of my brain power has been drained.  *wink to all the moms*

What number were you in your family?  Do you have any fun facts from those high school days?  What do you want to know about me?  Feel free to ask and I'll be happy to hit on that topic in one of my future "Meet Me On Monday" or "Mini Mindy Monday Madness" days.

Did you notice the new button on my page?  Take a moment to look for a special hidden Mickey.  What do you think of the Autumn leaves?  Tinkerbell got tired and needed a rest, so here she sits on a jack-o-lantern watching over CMOMProductions.  I wonder what she'll do when it's Thanksgiving time...


  1. Second born (and the baby). In high school, I was on the pom-pon squad! I miss dancing the routines--so much fun! Although the splits and I will never be friends again...

  2. Dancing routines were always a blast! We did at least one with cheerleading each season. The splits today? OUCH! :)