Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet Me On Monday: Halloween Past

Meet Me On Monday:

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Three parts Halloween,
All fun equally,
In which I will be seen,
But who will I be?
As I've mentioned before, my father was not keen on Halloween.  However, I was allowed to partake in the school classroom costume parties, and even dress up with my older brother before I was in school.  My memories, and photos, from these days and moments are few, but the ones I do have make me smile.
My Mom is a sewing queen.  When I was a child, she used her talents to create some of my costumes and these are the ones that I remember the most.  Before I started school, my brother & I loved to clown around.  With a little face paint and some fabric, my Mom created 2 very innocent and non scary clowns.  I remember the elastic that held the sleeves in place around my wrist, the feel of the fabric around my hand, and feeling extremely special because my Mom created it.

The friendliest lion and silly white bunny came to town around the time of my Kindergarten year.  These were 2 more of my Mom's creative masterpieces.  My bunny ears were attached to a removable hood, and would later be paired with a bumblebee costume by one of my younger siblings.  At the end of the sleeves were mitten like pockets that could be pulled over the hand.  This was one of the few times that I remember ever being allowed to "trick-or-treat."  My Mom drove us over to visit a relative, who was expecting us, and we enjoyed a sweet treat and a nice visit.  With a carrot in hand, I was one hoppy bunny, I mean happy girl.

By first grade, I was asking for a Miss Piggy costume.  Try as she may, my Mom was unable to find one of the well sought after plastic masked costumes.  She tried up till the day of my class party, but when it was time for the "parade," I wore a costume that resembled a plastic Kewpie doll.  Beyond that, I can't really remember any of the cheap plastic costumes that everyone sported in the 1980's.

 Break out the Ricky Nelson, Frankie Avalon, Elvis Presley, & Chuck Berry music, put on your saddle shoes (blue suede if you dare), and do the bop, the swing, & the twist!  In 3rd grade I sported one of my favorite costumes. I was addicted to my Mom's "oldies" tunes, so it only made sense that I became a 1950's sock hopper.  For a girl who spent time dreaming about living in the 50's, this costume helped me experience a tiny bit of it in the 1980's. 

The rest of my school day costumes are forgotten.  I honestly couldn't begin to tell you what other characters I became over the years.  Okay, not entirely true, I did have a costume made for me while I was a senior in high school.  I just never wore it in public, until much much later. 

Today, my kids and I fully enjoy the chance to dress up and become someone, or something else, but you'll have to wait until Wednesday to catch a glimpse at that.

What do you remember from your childhood Halloweens?  A favorite costume?  Trick or treating?


  1. My parents didn't do Halloween either. We celebrated All Saints Day. So I didn't get all my trick or treating fun in until I was in High School.

  2. Adorable costumes! We didn't trick or treat either! But my kids LOVE to dress up now!

  3. Your mom's sewing is great! You have the attitude for Supergirl pegged! :O)

  4. MB & Jody- I am not alone! :) You are among the few people, other than myself, that I'm aware of who did not experience trick-or-treating.

    Diane- Thanks! :) I do love Supergirl! My Mom is humble about her sewing, but she has many pieces more impressive than my childhood costumes. She always amazes me.