Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Family Lighthouse

Nana loved lighthouses. Whenever I spot one of these towering guiding lights along the shoreline or coast, on an ornament, sweatshirt, or trinket, my mind instinctively goes to her. For me, it’s easy to see why these pieces of architecture were special to her. One of my favorite places in this country revolves around a lighthouse known as The Portland Headlight.

As we were preparing for our trip to Maine a couple of weeks ago, I thought about the upcoming chance to spend time at The Portland Headlight. Of course, we were traveling to spend time with Nana before she made the journey to Heaven, and my mind jumped to her admiration for the structural beauties. In that moment I realized that her love for lighthouses was quite fitting.

Consider the definition of a lighthouse for a moment. A lighthouse is a tall structure topped by a powerful light used as a beacon or signal to aid marine navigation. While most lighthouses have their own unique style, they all share the same purpose.

You see, in many ways Nana was a different kind of lighthouse. No, she did not direct boats in the ocean, but her light was always shining bright. Nana spent countless hours volunteering in the church and community, “grand poobahing,” singing in the church choir, teaching and encouraging her children & grandchildren, and opening her heart to so many people. Over the years, she became a beacon for others around her.

To those whose life she touched, Nana will continue to be a powerful light shining down from Heaven. Those who are blessed enough to call her a friend or family, such as myself, will tend to the lighthouse. Whether we continue on with her good deeds, carry some of her traits, or honor her in some other way, she will be there. We will not let her memory or the goodness and light she shone around her fade.

In Loving Memory
Forever our family lighthouse


  1. Oh shw was such a precious lady. I will treasure the times I had with her.

  2. Mindy what a beautiful tribute to Nana. It is so
    her!! Love ya Aunt Laurie

  3. So sorry again for your loss. Knowing that you will see her again in Heaven does bring some comfort. Hugs :O)

  4. I'm sorry you've had such a rough week hon. Beautiful pictures. Thinking about you!

  5. Beautiful analogy. My thoughts are with you.

  6. Thank you for your thoughts everyone! :)

    Aunt Laurie & other following family members- <3 you all!

  7. That was beautiful...she will shine like a lighthouse in the hearts of many for forever. She was a very special lady, a Waterboro Original! She will be sadly missed. She's so blessed to have such a loving family.

  8. This is certainly a beautiful tribute to an obviously much loved and much appreciated woman.