Monday, January 11, 2010

My Reading Challenge

In a previous blog posting, I mentioned that I was inspired to start a scrapbooking group at my local library while taking part in a "book club" last Winter. Rebeca Seitz's Sisters, Ink series gave me the desire to gather together with friends to scrapbook and enjoy each other's company.  Currently, our small (and hopefully growing) group meets once a month at our local library.  My scrapbooking group was an unexpected and positive result of the library's Winter adult book reading challenge.  However, it was not the only thing that I gained.

With 16 squares, book categories, to fill on the "BINGO" card, I began reading books that I would not have normally picked up.  My personal goal was to complete the entire challenge within the 4 months given.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed almost every single book that I picked to fill a category square.  Branching out to read something new was fun.  Nine authors were brand new to me, and led me to become a fan of their writing.

As December 2009 was approaching, I remembered how very much I loved participating in this reading group last Winter.  When the current year's snowy reading challenge information was posted online, I was excited to start planning out what I would read this year.  I'm currently engrossed in a new game of BINGO, with some new categories.  My own personal goal this year has been enhanced.  After thoroughly enjoying "new" authors the last time, I decided to attempt reading as many novels as possible that have been written by writers who are new to me.  At this time, I've only read works by 1 of the authors amongst the novels I have chosen.  Thirteen authors are completely new to me this time.  Two of the books on my list are by the same authors, and 1 "your choice" category is currently awaiting my choice (although I have a few options I'm tossing around). 

Are you curious as to what I'm reading?  How much of my challenge I have completed?  I'll answer those 2 questions below.  How often to you pick up a book by an author you have not yet discovered?  Does your library have any book clubs or challenges that you have participated in?  What would be your favorite categories and/or top choices in the categories that my public library has given?  Please give me your recommendations for my bookless categories.

1/11/10 Reading Challenge Progress:   3/16 Complete, 1 in Progress

Category                                                       My Book Choice
International/Travel (book/author)                 ----------
                                                                      by Cecelia Ahern (Irish)
Try A "New To You" Author                        Unconventional
                                                                       by J.J. Hebert
Book On Display or Library Booklist            Austenland: a novel
                                                                      by Shannon Hale
Your Choice                                                 The Nanny Diaries
                                                                      by Emma McLaughlin/Nicola Kraus
Express/New Book                                      Nanny Returns
                                                                      by Emma McLaughlin/Nicola Kraus
Mystery/Suspense/Romance                        ----------
                                                                      by Debbie Macomber
Your Choice                                               Vision In White
                                                                     by Nora Roberts
Michigan Author/Setting                              The Life Before Her Eyes
                                                                     by Laura Kasischke
Non-Fiction                                                It's All About Him: Finding The Love of My Life
                                                                     by Denise Jackson
Your Choice                                               Scrap Everything
                                                                      by Leslie Gould
Award Winner/NY Times Bestseller            Best Friends Forever
                                                                     by Jennifer Weiner
Book You Picked for the Cover                 Real Life & Liars
                                                                     by Kristina Riggle
Your Choice                                              ----------
                                                                     by ---- ----
Classics For All Ages                                Christmas With Anne
                                                                     by L.M. Montgomery
Book/Author Starting Library Initials         Between Sisters
                                                                     by Kristin Hannah
Library Staff Pick (use list or ask)              Everything I Need to Know About being A Girl I               
                                                                 Learned From Judy Blume
                                                                       by Jennifer O' Connell (& various other authors)


  1. Wow! What a fun looking list! I'm jealous! I just don't have the time at this point in my writing career to branch out with such varied reading!! But someday. . . in the meantime, I'll enjoy hearing about your progress!

  2. After last year, I couldn't wait for the challenge of it this year. :) Currently I'm at: 4 of 16 read, 1 in progress.