Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Words By You Wednesday: Link Up

I've been thinking about ways to get to know you, my blog followers, better.  Last night, as I was half asleep, I thought about the Wordless Wednesdays that I've seen from various bloggers and had an epiphany (I really like that word.  Don't you?).  During a Meet Me On Monday blog, you learn a little about me.  Why not turn random Wednesdays into... Words By You Wednesday.  On Words By You Wednesdays, I will post requests or questions for you.  Are you up for it?

Today, I would like to start with my fellow bloggers:

1.  Please link up!  Post a link to your blog and/or website. 
2.  Why did you start blogging?  Has your purpose changed?
3.  What is your blog "schedule?"

For those who are strictly readers:

1.  Have you ever considered starting a blog of your own?
2.  Do you leave comments for bloggers (on my blog or others)?
3.  What are your favorite types of blogs or blog posts about? 

Please leave a comment with your answers. 

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all a little bit more.

Note:  I may occasionally do a Wordless Wednesday of my own.  All other Wednesdays will be considered Whatever Wednesdays.  You know, whatever I feel like writing about.


  1. I am not a blogger, I am a reader!!! I usually read all your blogs but if i miss one i will go back and read it when i am on your blog page!! I like to catch up on what people are doing and how they are by reading their blogs!! Sounds kinda nosey!! LOL!! Well anyway, I usually dont leave any comments but alot of times i was going to and just decided not to!! I am not so good with words!!! LOL!!!

  2. Hmmm...well I think you already know all these answers.

    but here is my link anyways :)

  3. I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out with blogging. Not that my 2 cents is worth more than anyone else's. Guess it's making connections....

  4. Blogging is my way of writing better, meeting fabulous writers, and learning along the way.

  5. I started blogging to build a platform, but I continue blogging because of the community. I love catching up with all my bloggy friends and feel blessed and honored to have people follow my blog.

  6. Anon- Thanks for reading! :) Keeping up by reading blogs is great and it's not nosey because they want you to read.

    Mb- Yeah, I kinda know your answers. :)

    destrella- I really enjoy making the connections too! I'm still figuring it all out too. lol

    Tamika- I'm on the same page with the reasons for blogging.

    Jill- I too have really begun to enjoy the community! I don't have the followers you do, but I am also honored by those who follow my blog.