Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrating 100 Posts

 It's time to CELEBRATE!

Today is post #100 for CMOM Productions!

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Then be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win 1 of 2 fabulous prizes!

Prize #1

Melinda Marie "All of Me" is my first traditional country cd.  
This is the first time that I stepped into the studio to record an album.  Although I have changed drastically in the 10 years since it was released, it's still a glimpse at the person I was at that time.  If you win and aren't a fan of traditional country music, pass it on to a friend of family member who is.

Prize #2 
light blue post-its inside

the back
Presenting a crafty CMOM Productions post-it note holder!  I learned how to make this simple craft from Kerry's paper crafting blog.  The note holder, and matching pen, featured in the photos is prize #2 today! 

A random number for each prize (first comment left is #1 and so on) will be chosen via  Please check back on Wednesday, April 21st to find out if you are a winner!  
Good luck!!!

...Another part of today's celebration...

While I was on my blog vacation, I got a chance to accomplish a few simple goals.  One of those goals just happens to be a revamped website.  As today is a special day, I thought it would be the perfect time to unveil the new look for you, my blog followers. 

...drum roll please...

What do you think?
Are you ready to win a prize?
Thanks to all of you who read this CMOMProductions blog!


  1. Wow - so much news, love the new website - hope I'm a winner. Love ya Aunt Nanc

  2. I like prizes! Congrats on Blog Post #100, they've all been fabulous!

  3. Congrats, Melinda! That's a lot of blog posting and creativity. I LOVE the note holder - adorable!!! :-)

  4. Oh my gosh. Okay, first, I'm officially jealous of your website! How cute and cool! I love it! Plus, you look great!

    Congrats on 100 posts!

  5. Congrats on reaching 100!! How very cool! And your prizes are super cool!

    I answered your question on my blog this morning (about contests)! Sorry I couldn't get the chance to get to it yesterday! It's a great question, and hopefully later in the week I can post a couple links to more contests. Thanks for getting me thinking! :-)

  6. Okay so I figured it out the best way to increase my chances at one of your prizes is to post another comment -- Great Job Aunt Nancy

  7. You are so talented !!! Can't wait to follow your blog- I am a little behind on the whole blogging thing and never knew what to do ! Congrats on 100 posts !!

  8. Thanks for the love everyone. :) I hope you are all having a Happy Earth Day. Congrats to the winners!!!!