Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Self Imposed Pressures

How many of you live your life with self imposed pressures?  I know I do.  Do you see all of those shining trophies in the distance and start racing full speed ahead to grab them up?  When I decide to take on a task, I often put a large amount of pressure on myself to complete it.  However, I don't always stop there.  I have some issues with the desire to pull things off without a hitch.  Perfectionist?  Yeah, sometimes.  Does this magnificent goal of perfect completion always happen?  Of course not!  Life happens.

When I say life happens, I simply mean that distractions are everywhere in this world.  I find them to be very frustrating at times, yet they also come in the form of fun.  Let's name a few of these distractions today...

Not fun:  kids whining, household items breaking, injury to oneself, work of any kind, etc.   
Fun:  cuddling with the kids, books, movies, music, a night out with the hubby, hobbies, etc.

At times these distractions can result in tantrums meltdowns having a bad day.  I've had a lot of few of these moments myself.  Does this mean that I should give up?  No!  Should I let those self imposed pressures get the best of me?  No!  Should I keep striving to git'r done and do my best?  YES!

Throw of the shackles of your own self imposed pressures today.  Ignore those unnecessary distractions for the moment.  Do what you need to do and put forth your best effort.  If it's not perfect or you have to take a break to handle what life has placed on your lap (hopefully it's not your soda), don't worry about it.  Do what you need to do and don't be too hard on yourself.  Remember, life happens!

What are some of your self imposed pressures and/or tasks?  What shining trophy are you racing towards?  Your worst distractions?  Your best distractions?  Do you want to win 1 of 2 prizes next week?  Well then ask yourself this last question... Are you planning to stop back here for my 100th blog post on April 19th?  


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  1. We do put unnecessary pressures on ourselves, we want to blame others but can't. :O)

    Happy 100th!

  2. I'm an expert at loading up pressures. Good thing I mellow with age!

  3. Thanks Diane! :)

    Jill- I think I'm mellowing a bit with age too. Which means I must have been really bad before. lol :)

  4. I think my kiddos could be both my best and worst distractions! *grin*
    I do try to remember that it's okay to change my routine. I tend to self-impose stuff on myself and then want to finish it all. Like ironing. It feels upsetting to me to leave a garment on the board if I went in to the closet expecting to iron everything. But if I go in thinking, hmmm, two shirts means twenty minutes. I can do that. Then I don't mind leaving a shirt on the board after I've done my too.
    All that to say, I'm working on myself too. LOL