Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring are upon us!  The snow has melted, the green grass is slowly starting to appear, and the stems of flowers unbloomed are beginning to poke through the ground.  Although the breezes may still be cool, the temperatures are beginning to rise.  

One of the surest signs that Spring has sprung is the number of schools that are taking a break.  I cannot deny that I enjoy this part of the season immensely.  Today I am blessed to be enjoying my day with my sons and friends due to the school break.

I must admit that Spring felt more real for me with the announcement of a nearby movie drive-in reopening for the season.  Just the thought of it made my eyes sparkle a little brighter.  With all the signs around us, I can't help but smile.  

Whether you enjoy sprucing up your garden or just love soaking up the warm sunshine without wearing a winter coat, it's clear that Spring has stepped into the spotlight.  Isn't it lovely?

How do you feel about Spring?  Are you dreading those April showers?  Looking forward to May flowers?  Has your countdown to Summer days already begun?  Do you  have any big plans for the Spring season?


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  1. I get to see one of my favorite friends from GR this spring ;)

  2. Oh for sure!! I've loved this early spring! We've had such gorgeous warm weather. The last two days have been rainy, but I'm thankful for the new green sprouting everywhere!

  3. It's beautiful!! I love spring!

    Guess what I did yesterday? I checked out the Silent Night chapel over at Bronners! I remembered you recommended it, and I honestly didn't even know it was there. What a magical place. Thanks!

  4. MB... and who would that be? Anyone special? :)

    Jody... I'm with you! The green sprouting up makes me think happy thoughts! :)

    Jill... You went to the chapel! <3 I am hoping that we'll be taking a Summer trip to Frankenmuth and my trip is never complete without stopping by that wonderful little place. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!