Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Me & my 2009 Arnie's birthday cake
No matter how young or old you are, birthdays are important.  In fact, each year is special and priceless, because you'll never get those days back.  Those that wish they could spend just one more day with loved ones will be some of the first to tell you how precious a birthday is.

When I celebrate my birthday each year, I think about my Mom.  This is not just because my birthday sometimes falls on Mother's Day (or only days different).  Giving birth to my first child opened my eyes to how special that day can be for a mother.  My heart fills with pure joy when my boys' birthdays occur each year.

Last year, I hit a very big milestone in my life (not the only one of the year).  I hit the big 3-0!  If you remember correctly, Mother's Day fell on May 10th last year, so I shared my day with all of the other moms in this world.  My celebration, with my Mom, husband, and boys, was quiet and special.  Those that remembered my day made it even more cherished.

Today, I will party like a rock star as I turn 30 again!  Okay.  Fine.  I won't party like a rock star.  I'll have another peaceful and blessed birthday, unless my husband and boys have been hiding something really big.  Admitting that I'm getting older shouldn't be a big deal either.  People still mistake me for a teenager on a regular basis.

How do/did you celebrate Mother's Day?  Birthdays?  Do you have special traditions with Mom?  Are birthday traditions different for yourself, your spouse, your kids? 

Happy Mother's Day to all of my Mom readers... especially my Mom!


This week is full of celebrations!  Just to name a few:  Mother's Day, my birthday, & of course my 1 year Blogger-versary!!!  Would you like to celebrate with me once again on Wednesday?  Will there be prizes you ask?  Of course there will be!  What's a celebration without presents?

Oh, and don't think I'm going to forget this past weekend...


  1. Each year I design and make a special cake for my kids on their birthday. My husband takes them to breakfast before school, just the two of them. The kids love it! :-)

    Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! And Happy Mother's Day!

    I had a wonderful mom's day of church, napping, and spending time with my family. Priceless!

  3. Happy Birthday and a blessed Mother's Day too. :O)

  4. I love that tradition Shannon! I have done that for my boys as well. However, last June my youngest requested a pie and my oldest requested cookies this past March. I had to change my way of thinking with the decorating. lol What a great tradition with your husbadn as well! How sweet!

    Jill- Thanks! :) Your Mother's Day sounds practically perfect! I love days like that.

    Thank you Diane! :) I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day too!

  5. Okay, first of all, you're so cute! I never looked too close at your profile pic but I thought you were older than me. You look really young! Happy Birthday! Does it feel weird to be 31? I'm 27 and it def. feels weird to me. I hope you had a great day. :-)

  6. Happy belated birthday!! I had a great Mother's day! Got some gifts, some rest, and a great dinner. :) We always go out to dinner on Mother's day because none of the moms in my family want to cook. LOL

  7. Thanks Jessica! :) It does feel weird to be 31. I don't know why I was more comfortable with 30, than 31. lol

    Jennifer- Thanks! :) A meal where I'm not cooking is a win in my book! I hope the meal was wonderful.