Monday, May 24, 2010

Love Me... Loves Me Not...

Those you love the most, can ultimately hurt you the most.  They have the power to shatter your heart, because they have a piece of it.  Family is often full of "loves me... loves me not..." relationships.  This sentiment rings true, with a loud and clear bell, when it comes to siblings.  

My own boys showcase the classic sibling rivalry one minute, and are "best buddies for life" the next.  Those sweet moments of holding hands while they walk, an unexpected hug, and the other random actions that show brotherly love are priceless.  Then there are the times when the words, "you ruined my whole life," slip out.  As they grow, I hope to see them hold strong to their bond as brothers and best friends.  

Whether it's siblings, friends, or a significant other, when the final petals fall, I hope your flower says 
"loves me..."

Who in your life do you feel will always fall in the "loves me..." category?  
Is there anyone who lands in your "loves me not..." list?

Happy Monday!


  1. My children are like that too. Especially my twins. One week they're the best friends to the exclusion of their other siblings and the next they're at each other! I remind them during both extremes that I'd really like to see them have a balance between the two! And like you, I want them to remember that friends will always come and go, but family we'll have forever.

  2. I see my kids go at it at least once a day. I do know that underneath the screaming they really do love one another. I'm glad they express kindness too!

  3. My mom and hubby and kiddo are always in the Loves Me list. :)

    And to this day, my own brothers go in and out of the "Loves me Not" category. LOL

  4. I've got family members that have been in the love me not category for a while now. Very sad. Praying for family healing.

  5. This is so true. I have both in my list and see the same thing with my kids.