Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet Me On Monday: Mini Mindy Monday Madness Round 2

Meet Me On Monday:

This Monday, and random Mondays here after, my blog will reveal something about me.
All Meet Me On Monday blogs will be clearly labeled.

Warning: Mini Mindy Monday Madness will ensue further into this posting! Please proceed with caution and be careful not to step on the pixies!
Welcome to Mini Mindy Monday Madness, Round 2.  I previously took my typical "Meet Me On Monday" topic to a new level in round 1 of Mini Mindy Monday Madness (aka M4). On M4 days, I give 5 random facts and/or photos that showcase a little bit of who I am. I will pick up where I left off with #6 on the list.  Enjoy!

6.  My favorite color is green, emerald green to be exact.  Now, because of this fact, you would think that I would be a big fan of The Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.  As beautiful as the place sounds, I'm really not into the witches and flying monkeys that go along with the Oz adventure.  I do however, love the gemstone.  Unfortunately, as much as I love it, I do not own an authentic sparkling green beauty.  What's another reason to love green?  Well, Tinker fairies wear the color...  including Tinkerbell!

7.  I know it's hard to tell, but I love Disney!  I can see the shock written across your face.  I swear it's true!  I'm a huge hard core 24/7/365 Disney fan.  What do I love best about it?  Well, from Disney movies, to characters, to Disney World, to games, etc (as the list goes on & on), the biggest thing I love about Disney is how excited I feel about it.  Aside from the obvious fact that I met my husband face to face in Disney World, it's always been a special place to me.  I have been a Disney fan since I was a kid, a baby actually.  My Mom made me a baby blanket and Tigger bounces all over the bottom piece of fabric.  While expressing my love for all things Disney, I might as well tell you my secret wish has always been to be the singing voice of a character with as much spirit as Ariel!  If Tinkerbell ever sings in an upcoming movie, someone please give the casting director my phone number!

8.  I am the paparazzi... to my boys that is.  As a scrapbooker, I'm constantly snapping photographs.  I have this desire to capture all of the special moments and memories that I can.  Sometimes my kids love it, sometimes they hate it.  Either way, they usually know it's coming...  and when they don't, it's even better!

9.  My type A personality, leaves me constantly going.  It's a very rare thing to see me sitting idle on the couch.  Relaxing is not something I do well.  Actually, it usually leaves me feeling a bit tense when I have nothing to do or am bored.

10.  On Halloween, you will find me dressed up along with my kids.  This tradition started when my oldest son was an infant and hasn't stopped yet.  When I was a child, my father referred to Halloween as "the devil's holiday," so aside from the school's costume parade, I wasn't allowed to dress up or go trick-or-treating.  Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much as an adult.  When Halloween 2009 rolls around, I shall post an ode to costumes past for everyone to enjoy. 
Are there any special topics you'd like me to post about for the round 3 of Mini Mindy Monday Madness?  Is there anything new you would like to know about me?


  1. My favorite color is green too. I am more of a jade green gal though. :O)

  2. I dress up every year as a cat for Halloween. Black pants, black shirt, mascara whiskers, and two tiny buns for ears. Easy! Fun post!

  3. Diane... Jade is a beautiful color. Emerald is also my birthstone so maybe that's why I'm partial to it. :)

    Jill... Thanks! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who dresses up! I have a lot of fun with it.