Monday, November 16, 2009

Hectic Holidays & Holiday Blog Hours

'Tis the season!  You know, the season for food, friends, family, and festivities.  Not too mention stress, dread, and exhaustion due to some of the previously mentioned holiday staples. 

I find myself beginning to embrace the overwhelming tasks of the upcoming holidays and wonder if I am biting off more than I can chew.  Normally I have most of the Christmas gifts well underhand, but this year I have unpredictably put off purchasing presents until this month of November.  I was wise enough to pick up a few crafty holiday items after Christmas last year.  These will come in handy, as my boys typically do a homemade gift for grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Thanksgiving is on it's way in 1 1/2 weeks.  We are preparing our home for family visiting from out of state.  Plans of a possible dessert party for the evening of Thanksgiving are underway.  The days are quickly winding down, 10 days to go to be exact.  From that point on, things don't slow down one bit.

How many of you are counting down to Christmas?  If you haven't figured that out yet, it's only 39 days away.  As you are well aware, I'm a crafty mama.  Which means that my holidays are filled with homemade gifts and fun projects.  Bring on the overwhelmed feeling mentioned above. 

As crazy as things may get, I still wouldn't trade my seasons full of sewing, baking, and other general crafting activities.  My homemade holidays will always be full of great memories to share with my children.  I hope they will do the same with their kids someday. 

With this being the busiest time of year for just about everyone, especially Santa, I've come to the conclusion that something has to give.  Through the seasons of thankfulness and Christmas cheer, I will be cutting back on the amount of blog postings each week.  You will see a blog post on every Monday, but Meet Me On Monday will be more random as it was originally described.  I'm hardly at work on my WIP (work in progress) and have officially dubbed my Wednesdays as WIP Wednesdays until I'm able to make a vast amount of progress on it.  Which brings me to Fridays.  Fridays are going to be unpredictable-- yes I know this is just a more interesting way to say random.  Unless I have something really exciting or interesting to say, I probably won't be posting on Friday.  I'm referring to this as Holiday Blog Hours.  When January 2010 rolls around, I'll be the first to throw the confetti in the air and get back into the regular swing of things.  Regular blogging hours should return at that time.

How are you planning to keep up with the hectic holiday schedule?  Is your Thanksgiving filled with and abundance of food, family, and fun?  Do you wait until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping?  Is your calendar full over the next 1 1/2 months?  Do you have to cut a little out of your normal schedule to handle the heavy holiday load?


  1. I'm making a simple pipe cleaner garland, just for the fun of it. The Thanksgiving food was purchased today, thank goodness, and I'm beginning to Christmas shop. I dread stores in December!

  2. Jill- I love simple fun projects! For some reason, the holidays aren't the same without something crafty involved. I dread the stores in December too. I'm hoping that we will finish our shopping before the mad rush. You are ahead of me on Thanksgiving. We just found out today when family will be arriving from out of state, so now I can actually work out the meal details!

  3. LOL Unpredictable Fridays. Love it! I'm trying not to think about the holidays too much this year. Maybe I'll just let my hubby do the shopping!

  4. My holidays will have to be a little more simple this year! I love the festivities, but have to reduce stress levels by minimizing what I do! Hope you have a blessed holiday season and enjoy all of your activities with your family!

  5. MB- Unpredictable Fridays is turning out to be more like "ummm it's Friday?" lol

    Jody- I hope you have a very non-stressful holiday! Keeping it simple is a wonderful blessed thing.

  6. Wow this is really wonderful, everyone is excited for the holidays, I am so glad that you had a great Christmas and New Year. I think everyone took a long break from blogging.I think I am almost caught up with my posting, thank goodness for scheduled posts. Now the reading posts is another story. I guess it is the time for the giveaways as I am hosting a baby name giveaway this week. You will have to come by and try to guess the baby's name.