Monday, November 9, 2009

The Learning Curve: Not A Book Review

Lessons in life are everywhere.  If we are open to it, we can learn from a great many people, places, and experiences in life.  This week, I would like to focus on a few aspects of "the learning curve."

Books bring us an abundance of perspectives in numerous topics.  Every author has his or her own voice on his or her own subject matter.  Writers have their own messages to convey to the reader, fiction and non-fiction alike.  Whether they want to make you laugh with them, cry with them, or help you relax and unwind, an author has his or her own way of getting you to do so.

When you are looking for a book that holds a chance to help you learn and grow, do you typically go towards the self-help section?  Maybe you find lessons in a person's memoir who has experienced what you have also gone through.  Personally, I've found that I can find a message in almost any book that I read, including fiction.

Recently, I read The Accidental Bestseller by Wendy Wax and discovered a strong friendship between four women who met at their first writer's conference.  Woven throughout this story was a little insight into the world of publishing.  I will not give any spoilers, but I came away feeling as though I got a little peak into the writing industry.  Not too mention, I enjoyed the story and the quotes at the beginning of every chapter.

One of the most moving stories I've read in a long time, was The Shack by William P. Young.  Again, no spoilers, and this is not a book review.  It's tricky to talk about this book and not give it all away, so let me keep it very simple.  I learned from the issues that the main character had to overcome.  When I reached the end of this story, I walked away feeling a strong sense of peace and a desire to recommend everyone read it!  Regardless, I learned a great deal from it.

What I'm getting at, is that you can learn a lot from books, and not just text books, how to, or self help.  The next time you finish a book, ask yourself the following question.  What can I take away from this book?  Even if the only lesson you gain is... Reading that book helped me unwind!  I need to read more often!  Apparently, you can even learn a few lessons from your dog through a book.

Have you learned any lessons from reading a book?  Are there any book titles you want to share that held an important message for you? 


  1. Those books all look excellent. Pretty much every book I read has some nugget to pull away from it. :O) Currently reading Deborah Norville's latest book. You should look into the Thomas Nelson button on my blog, you get to keep the books you review. :O)

  2. Oh, man! I learn so many lessons from the books I've read! That's what I love so much about reading, not only am I entertained but I learn so much too!

  3. Books are the best lesson plan.

    I love The Shack!

  4. Sometimes the flimsiest books are the most useful to me. By flimsy, I mean light-hearted without big messages. I like to escape into romances or ongoing series such as Sophie Metropolis. They provide a much needed break in my life!

  5. Thanks Diane! I'll have to check into doing some book reviews. :)

    Jody, Tamika, & Jill... I agree with all of you. Books make life a little bit brighter and give us so much insight!