Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Learning Curve: People of Influence

Our first experiences in "the learning curve" involve people, lots and lots of people.  Typically, our original teachers are family.  Moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles... well, you get the picture.  During our youngest years, these people are most often our biggest cheerleaders in learning the basics of life.  Influence begins here as well.

As we learn easily by example, the people around us can be teaching us without even being aware of it.  This portion of the learning curve can be good or bad.  For instance, children who grow up hearing their parents be polite often pick up this trait without needing constant reminders.  A negative influence can be anything from hearing a family member swear or seeing a parent being abusive. 

We've all heard of peer pressure, right?  How many of you picked up a bad behavior from a friend while growing up?  Have your own kids come home from school with a new "trick" or "fun word" to share?  This is yet another way that we learn from others.

Today, Veteran's Day, we should all stop and take a moment to learn from those who have made a sacrifice for our country.  Men and women alike have served and fought to honor and protect a great many people.  In fact, some have made the ultimate sacrifice.  What can we learn from the many Veterans?  My own list is as follows (but not limited to):  honor, respect, sacrifice, strength, compassion, dedication, loyalty, friendship, duty, and patriotism.

People are everywhere, so the opportunity to learn from those around you is everywhere. There are also many ways for people to learn from others. You can learn from someone by asking questions, observing, or listening. 

Take a moment to reflect on the example you set for others.  Who is learning from you?  Who do you learn from?  What is your strongest way of learning?  Is it by example or asking questions?  Do you have a story to share about something you learned from another person?


  1. Good reminder! Little eyes are always on us.... :O)

  2. I think of this everytime I say or do anything in front of my children.

    I am the president of our young women's ministry so I can relate to living before them in a manner that God would be pleased with. My goal is to not cause anyone to stumble.

  3. Diane - Yes they are! :)

    Tamika - I'm sure you are a wonderful role model! :)

  4. Wow this is very interesting, i liked reading this post, great work, keep it up i liked reading the lessons, thanks a lot for sharing it with us.