Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crafty Kids Father's Day Gifts

I'm a firm believer in the giving of thoughtful gifts! No matter how much or little money is spent, if it's not from the heart it just doesn't mean as much. Don't get me wrong, I love gift cards, cash, and expensive gifts like anyone else! When it comes down to it though, I'd rather have a homemade card from my boys than a pricey gift they didn't come up with on their own. That is why I always go out of my way to involve the kids in Christmas, birthday, and father's day gifts, etc. For Father's Day this year, we have a great idea to purchase an inexpensive gift that their Dad will LOVE along with a crafty fun gift and cards! I cannot obviously give this idea away on my blog as my husband is sure to read it and spoil the surprise for himself. He's such a snoop! However, I wanted to post a few fun ideas, and great crafty websites, for moms to do with their kids. Don't forget the dads, grandpas, & uncles in your lives!

A few easy ideas:

1. Make & frame a scrapbook page! Involve the kids in every way possible or simply let them do this themselves.
2. Spell out DAD with wooden letters. Then paint, decoupage, and personalize each letter. You could also do this with first names, last names, initials, etc.

3. A homemade book! Give the kids paper, crayons, colored pencils, glitter... the works! Have them write about their dad, grandpa, uncle, or God-father. They can't write yet? Let them tell a story with pictures or write it out for them. You can even type & print out what they want to say and let them paste it to each page. For an easy binding solution, get a small 3 ring binder, with an open space to insert on the front and back cover, and have the kids add their own personal artwork & title!

4. Not super crafty? Use a photo site such a shutterfly or go to the photo department of your local Target, Walmart, etc! Bring a photo that dad is sure to love (on the digital camera, cd, etc) and take a look at the great photo gifts they offer!

5. Get a blank t-shirt, BBQ apron, etc for the man of the house and some fabric paint or markers. Using paint/markers, write a quote such as, "Giving you a hand for being one super Dad!" or "#1 Dad Hands Down!" Then have everyone paint up their hands and place them on the fabric, or trace their hands with a marker. Make sure everyone writes their names by their handprints (along with a date).

I often look at craft sites for great ideas! Sometimes I see a project posted and I like the idea but need to slightly change it. Often times it's to make the craft more personal or easier for my own kids to do. Either way, it's a nice way to get creative! I hope you find something fun to do with your kids and possibly a great Father's Day gift! If none of the sites below offer ideas that you are interested in, go to and search "Father's Day crafts." Have fun & get crafty!

Great Crafty Websites (some very kid friendly with Father's Day themes):


  1. Sigh....again your much better parenting skills shine through! LOL Granted I'm married to the man who doesn't believe in celebrating Mothers and Fathers day. I'm considering trading him in for a different model.

  2. Those are great ideas! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Mb... Different, not better. Everyone is different and that doesn't mean that anyone is wrong. :) Have the kids make your husband a card with their hand prints and maybe when Mother's Day rolls around again he'll encourage the kids to do something nice for you!

    Jody... Thanks! :o) I'm way too into crafts! lol