Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Am Who I Am...

Being yourself isn't always popular. I've known this fact since I was a kid. I think I've always been fairly well liked, but popular? Not really. I grew up being one of those "goody-goodies" that the other kids never seemed to have a problem with. I was well liked, but I never ranked high on the cool factor scale. Did it bother me? No, not really. Why you ask? I have always felt a strong sense of deep rooted conviction that didn't allow me to change who I was for the sake of fitting in. From size & appearance to personality, I enjoy my differences. When I was young, I embraced my petite frame and I believe it helped me to look at others differently too. I'm passionate about treating people equally no matter their size, color, or language. As a rule, however, I believe short people do stand above the rest. Okay, okay, my sense of humor isn't great, but I kind of enjoy it! Who cares if people think I'm corny or a dork? Not me! I love being a nerd! I know people who believe in pulling all nighters, dancing and drinking at the clubs, but me? Nope, an all nighter in my house usually revolves around sick kids, a late night movie, or a good book! How boring you say? I am who I am and I like it just fine. I don't have to meet the standards set by friends, family, or society. It's okay to be unique! Normal is boring.

All this also helps me put things into perspective when it comes to writing. Am I going to write something because it's a popular theme? Of course not! I'm going to write what I know and what I feel! If it never catches the interest of a literary agent or a major publishing company? Fine. If it never goes beyond a few family members or good friends? Okay. If it only helps me feel whole as a person to write it out and never goes beyond that? Wonderful. On the other hand, if what I write becomes something more than I could imagine... would I change? Heck no! I am who I am and I like it just fine!


  1. We all have to know why we're writing. Ultimately I think we all write because we love it, but if we want to be published, then we also have to learn to be market savvy. I don't think the two are irreconcilible, at least not for me!

  2. And I like you!!! That's all that matters anyhow! :D

  3. Jody I think you are right... both can be one in the same. Just like any other job or career path, you often have to "market yourself" to make it.

    MB... and I like you too! :)