Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain Therapy

Today I looked out into the world, well mostly just out the window and glass slider to our deck, and saw the petite puddles indicating we had experienced a light rain. The sky was still dark and gloomy, but I couldn't get over how relaxed it made me feel. Sometimes overcast skies and rain make us feel depressed, and even anxious when we desperately want to see the sunshine. Today however, I felt so at ease and grateful for the gray skies overhead. I patiently waited for the sky to release it's next bout of heavenly teardrops and hear the soothing sounds created by those drops. When the rain finally began to fall, I began to feel it's gentle form of therapy and started to breathe a little easier. It put me in a state of calm that I cannot fully explain, although I will do my best to try. You see, stress has a way of finding me no matter how hard I push it away. It comes from various sources of course. There is the typical day to day stresses as a stay-at-home mom; dishes in the sink, laundry piled up and unfolded, and keeping busy kids occupied. When you add in other elements (big or small), you really feel the need for someone to pick you up and take you out of that overwhelming place for at least 15 peaceful minutes. Well, I've had "one of those days" off and on for a while now. You place those days back to back and it doesn't take long before you are in desperate need of a quiet day. As if on cue, one gentle almost silent rainfall begins. It takes you out of your current frame of mind and places you right where you need to be.

Rain is nature's way of replenishing the earth and helping the trees and flowers to grow. Today it replenished me as well. It helped wash away my frustrations, that are better left unsaid, and gave me a sense of inner peace I was unable to ignore. The rain stopped and started at various points, as if it was keeping me on a rinse cycle until the things that were bothering me were washed away. While I let the rain melt my stubborn stresses, I realized how nice it would feel to cry in the rain. It was not something I needed to do, but if I felt the need to cry today, I would have simply stepped out into the rain, tipped my head to the sky, and let my teardrops fall along with those heavenly drops. The beauty of it, is that nobody would have noticed the difference between the teardrops and the raindrops cascading lightly down my face. That thought alone was comforting somehow.

At this moment, I feel so relaxed and at ease. I have no desire to deal with stressful situations or people. I just want to continue to enjoy the serenity I have developed after a day with rain therapy.


  1. I'm slightly jealous...I'm very uppity and far from calm today. I want it to start raining again!!!

  2. Thanks for that perspective on rain! I've been viewing it rather negatively lately, since we've had so much of it!